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Top 10 Best Dressed Stars Who Stole The 43rd Blue Dragon Film Awards Red Carpet Show

On November 25, some of the biggest stars of the Korean film industry met at 43rd Blue Dragon Film Award. As expected from such a star-studded event, attendees really made an impact on the red carpet.

Here are ten of the best-dressed celebrities who stole the show on Blue Dragon Film Awards a red carpet.

1. Kim Hye Soo

For years, actress Kim Hye Soo conquered the hearts of Internet users, but her role in Under the umbrella of the queen.

With such fame and the fact that she hosted the show with her Yoo Yeon Seok, no wonder the visual actress shone in a beautiful turquoise dress. While the design was simplistic, imitating Greek tailoring, the jewels created a buzz and really set Hye Soo apart.

2. IU

Among the current stars of IU, she was one of the celebrities that Internet users were waiting for the most.

As expected, IU looked like a true visionary and did not disappoint in a beautifully elegant white dress. Even without any accessories, the idol really shone with her visuals, and the screams heard from the crowd show her influence.

3. Guk positioning

When actor Seo In Guk got out of the car, the screams of the crowd were undeniable.

Dressed in a velvet suit, Seo In Guk was not afraid to win the hearts of the crowd because he looked extremely handsome and elegant. Even a simple bow tie added a new dimension to the outfit, making it stand out from the usual black suits.

4. Lee Yoo Mi

As soon as she got out of the car, actress Lee Yoo Mi stood out with short hair and added a dazzling smile.

Her dark blue dress was also a big hit. In particular, the spaghetti straps that made up the halterneck really added a touch of elegance to the dress. It created an aura of sophistication without having to rely on glamor and accessories.

5. Gong Seung Yeon

Actress Gong Seung Yeon was one of the first stars to hit the red carpet and really made her mark with a gorgeously sexy black dress.

With all the trinkets and details, he definitely combined sophistication, maturity and glamor. In such a bold dress, the actress kept accessories to a minimum and let her visuals shine with the look.

6. 14:00 Taecyeon

2PM’s Taecyeon is no stranger to red carpets, and his recent appearance has cemented his legend.

Although the idol was seemingly wearing a plain black suit, the tailoring was impeccable, fitting it in all the right places. With a classic bow tie and a killer smile, it was no surprise that all the fans showed up on the red carpet at 2pm.

7. Yoona from Girls’ Generation

Given Yoona’s beauty from Girls’ Generation, only the most gorgeous dress could draw attention to her outfit.

However, the idol did not disappoint with a beautiful two-piece princess costume. With an embroidered flower-like top and ballgown skirt, Yoona glided down the red carpet like a true queen, wowing everyone with her timeless visuals.

8. Daniel Hennesy

Daniel Hennesy is undoubtedly one of the most handsome men, combining sophistication, class and visuality.

This meant he knew his visuals required an equally stunning red carpet outfit, and he delivered. Although it was black, the intricate detailing of the entire three-piece suit set was enough to make everyone in the crowd swoon.

9. Go Yoon Jung

With Go Yoon, Jung will debut as Naksu in the next series Soul alchemyNo wonder the actress made a statement on the red carpet.

Although many stars wore black dresses, Go Yoon Jung definitely stood out from the crowd and shone. But it was the details that really caught the eye, as the embroidery was delicate and intricate, sparkling among the flashing lights.

10. Kim Hye Yoon

With the award at the ceremony, rising actress Kim Hye Yoon has truly cemented her legendary status on the red carpet.

Unlike most current celebrities, Kim Hye Yoon opted for a pink halterneck dress where everything was focused on chiffon details. Combined with simple earrings and makeup, it really allowed the actress to shine.

Under the umbrella of the queen


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