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Top 10 K-pop albums with the best projects of 2022 according to K-POP RADAR Conference

The roster includes names from both newcomer groups and those more established in the industry, showcasing a diverse set of aesthetics.

Recently, the “K-POP RADAR 2022 Conference” organized by Space Oddity was held to discuss K-pop related topics and look back at its development. The conference selected the top 10 albums with the most unique and best designs of 2022, selected by the best industry experts in album design and worldview planning. The result was announced by Kim Yoon-ha, a professor at Hongik University, Na Gun, general director of Gwangju Design Biennale 2023, and Choi Myung-hwan, editor-in-chief of Design monthly.

Release picks featured in the “2022 K-POP 10 PICKS” list include (in random order):

– “New Jeans” – New Jeans

– “Feel My Rhythm” – Red Velvet


– “Wild” – aespa



– “Gasoline” – Key

– “Needle and Bubble” – NU’EST

– “Adult kid” – ZICO

– “Chronograph” – VICTON

NU’EST’s “Needle & Bubble” garnered rave reviews as NU’EST’s 10th anniversary album, while New Jeans’ debut album “New Jeans” was praised for its versatility.

Red Velvet’s “Feel My Rhythm” gained attention as it was rated “an album that understands the needs of fans”, “FEARLESS” by LE SSERAFIM for “fearless self-confidence resulting from a strong play of the logo” and “Chronograph” VICTON as “an album that opened the horizon of K-pop Mining Out consumption.”

IVE’s “LOVE DIVE” won favor with its bold typography and color play, while aespa’s “Savage” was loved for its “reasonably sophisticated graphics” that conveyed the group’s identity. Experts also added that NCT DREAM’s “BEATBOX” was “the essence of a repackaged album featuring artist customization”, Zico’s “Grown Ass Kid” as “an album that showcases Zico’s strength as an artist” and “Gasoline” Key as “a masterpiece that reveals the artist’s tenacity towards retro style and high quality.

Fans responded positively to the selected albums and expressed a desire to own the albums themselves based on their artwork and color choices.

Last year’s winners of the “Album Design of the Year” competition were the albums ONF and SHINee. Fans and the K-pop community are on the lookout for who will take the crown.

source: daum


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