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Top singers October 2022: BTS, BLACKPINK, more!

Top singers October 2022: BTS, BLACKPINK, more!

On October 22, KST, the Korean Business Research Institute announced a brand reputation ranking for singers for the month of October this year. From BTS to BLACKPINK, read on for this month’s top singers list! Find out if your favorite artist has been included in the rankings!

BTS will take over as # 1 most popular singer in October 2022.

Climbing to the top spot to become the # 1 most popular singer for the month of October, singers of “Yet to Come” BTS!

(Photo: Twitter: @bts_bighit)

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According to the Korean Business Research Institute, BTS reportedly amassed a total of 10,087,199 for the Brand Reputation Index. This includes the participation rate of 1,492,901, the media index of 3,196,701, the communication index of 2,490,966 and the community index of 2,906,631.

Compared to the 7,068,250 boys’ brand reputation index in September, their index saw an increase of 42.71 percent for October.

BLACKPINK, Lim Young Woong, IU and IVE made the top 5 most popular singers in October 2022.

The next most popular singers this month behind BTS are BLACKPINK.


(Photo: Twitter: @kpop_sbs)

In October, the brand reputation index “Shut Down” is 9,612,031, with an attendance index of 869,275, a media index of 2,474,389, a communication index of 2,883,279 and a community index of 3,385,088.

Compared to the BLACKPINK Brand Reputation Index in September of 9,369,153, the group saw an increase of 2.59 percent this month.

The popular poet singer Lim Young Woong came in third!

Lim young Woong

(Photo: Instagram: @ limyoungwoong.official)
Lim young Woong

According to the Korean Business Research Institute, Lim Young Woong maintained its 3rd place after accumulating a total brand reputation index of 7,752,886. It has an attendance index of 2,049,817, a media index of 1,640,242, a communication index of 2,094,060 and a community index 1,968,768.

Lim Young Woong’s brand reputation index fell 1.60 percent from its 7,878,883 index in September.

He landed in 4th place because the most popular singer is “Strawberry Moon” hit-maker IU.


(Photo: Instagram: @dlwlrma)

This month The younger sister of the nation Brand Reputation Index reached 6,612,424. This includes participation index 1,102,486, media index 2,187,386, communication index 1,178,721 and community index 2,143,832.

Compared to IU’s brand reputation index of 5,280,886 the previous month, the brand’s index increased by 25.21 percent this month.

Finally, the top five girls from the fourth generation, IVE, round out the top five!

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(Photo: Facebook: IVE)

IVE has a brand reputation index of 5,801,942, including an attendance index of 1,243,150, a media index of 2,265,286, a communication index of 1,095,379 and a community index of 1,198,128.

This month, the IVE index fell 32.13 percent from their 8,548,500 index in September.

Top 30 singers in October 2022:

1. BTS


3. Lim young Woong

4. IU

5. IVE

6. New jeans

7. Lee Chan won

8. Young Yes

9. Seventeen

10. Kim Ho Jong

11. EXO

12. NCT

13. (G) I-DLE

14. Jeong Dong won

15. Kang Daniel

16. Jannabi

17. Zico

18. Lee Seung Gi

19. Red velvet joy

20. Taeyeon of the girls’ generation


22. Jang Min Ho

23. Generation of girls

24. DOGS

25. The song Ga In


27. Oh my girl

28. Jessi

29. aspa

30. Chang Geun Park

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