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Transgender Confession: “30% Happy as a Man, 90% Happy as a Woman”, Park Mi Sun: “She’s my style”

Park Mi Sun admired the appearance of the transgender guest, saying: “She’s my style“.

On November 22, the first episode of Channel S’s variety show “Attack on Sisters” featured Yoon Ji, a guest who until a year and a half ago lived as a man before becoming a woman.

After seeing Yoon Ji’s previous photos as a youtuber, Park Mi Sun exclaimed, “I think you were so handsome as a man. You must have been popular with women too. I’m sorry to say it, but it’s such a nightmare. You’re my style. So handsome. You must have been the pride of your family.Yoon Ji added:My relatives asked if I was an actor when we met at weddings.

Kim Yoon Ji shared:I am still legally 1 (male). I have struggled with my gender identity since childhood. But I still haven’t told my father. I recently met my father, Chuseok, after hiding my hair and makeup. I tried (to talk to my father) several times, but I didn’t dare.She added that she decided to perform because she wanted help from the show.

attack on sisters

My mom already knows. I woke up in the police station after passing out because I drank too much. I saw my mother who came as my guardian. My mother said after seeing me: “Why do you live like this?” When the officer checked my ID and saw that my ID number was 1 (male), she said “So you are a man but you walk like this,“adding”, “She even told my mom that she should take me to a mental hospital because dressing up as a woman is a disease.

attack on sisters

Meanwhile, Yoon Ji confessed:When I live as a man, I’m only 30% happy, while as a woman I’m 90% happy.“, adding, “I currently work as a YouTuber and streamer, but I receive 1 million won pocket money from my parents each time due to low profits.

In response, Park Mi Sun said: “Aren’t you telling your father the truth because you can’t be economically independent right away? It’s okay to talk like that on the air, but it’s better to do it face to face,” and advised her to be honest with her parents first.

source: Sports Chosun


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