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Trump News – Latest: Donald Trump Makes CNN’s Bizarre Claim In Ohio Speech As Mage Is A “Sleeping Giant”

Jen Psaki says Democrats ‘love to be against’ Donald Trump ahead of terms

Former President Donald Trump delivered a chaotic speech to the limited-capacity crowd on Saturday night at the Covelli Center in Youngstown, Ohio, allegedly endorsing Republican Senate candidate JD Vance.

In an earlier post on Truth Social, Trump called the event a “sold out behemoth” and argued that without his rallies and endorsement, most candidates such as Vance would lose.

He also made bizarre new accusations against the Biden administration in his remarks, arguing that federal authorities are now threatening his supporters with decades of imprisonment unless they agree to say negative things about him.

Speaking of the Magician’s movement, he said, “The thugs and tyrants attacking our movement … have no idea of ​​the sleeping giant they have awakened.”

Meanwhile, Matt Gaetz told a former White House employee that he hoped for a preemptive pardon from then-President Trump following an investigation into his case by the Department of Justice.

The accusation appeared in Johnny McEntee’s testimony to the House Select Committee investigating the Capitol riots on January 6, 2021. Washington Post reported.


Trump says supporters have been threatened with imprisonment for refusing to condemn him

Former president Donald Trump on Saturday made new, bizarre accusations against the Biden administration, claiming that federal officials are now threatening his supporters with decades in prison unless they agree to say negative things about him.

Mr. Trump made the bizarre claim after less than ten minutes in a low-key, disjointed speech to a limited-capacity crowd at the Covelli Center in Youngstown, Ohio.


The former president finishes his remarks and dances on stage for Sam and Dave’s “Hold on I’m Coming.”


As Trump neared the end of his speech, terrifying music began to play over his remarks, and many in the crowd raised a hand in the air, extending a finger.

And just totally bizarre.


At an unexpected moment, Trump raised the infamous allegation of a “pee tape” with Russian prostitutes, imagining he had to explain this to his wife, Melania.


Is the voice for JD Vance a voice for Kim Jong Un?


A quick reminder of where JD Vance stood on Donald Trump.


Trump, referring to New York Times the story of being injected into the convention races, he casually manages to humiliate JD Vance: “JD is kissing my ass, of course he wants my support!”


Commenting on Tim Ryan, former President Trump tells the crowds that the Democratic Senate candidate wants to kill them.

Trump also called Mitch McConnell a “disgrace,” ending a week of criticism against the Republican minority leader in the Senate. He tells JD Vance to do something about it.


… which seems fairly topical given the performance of migrants this week.


He also added human traffickers to the death penalty list.


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