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Trump News – Latest: Mar-a-Lago Special Doubts Master of Trump’s Legal Strategy as Final Hearing Date Jan.6

Trump says his supporters are jailed for refusing to say bad things about him

Judge Raymond Dearie, an independent arbitrator tasked with examining documents confiscated during an FBI search of the home of former President Donald Trump in Florida, said Tuesday that he intended to vigorously go through the verification process and was skeptical of the Trump team’s reluctance to say whether he believed in the records have been declassified.

The legal team also appeared to admit that a Justice Department investigation into classified documents in Mar-a-Lago could result in criminal prosecution.

Trump previously criticized FBI agents for allegedly destroying carpets during a search last month and leaving his wife Melania Trump feeling “badly hurt.” More than 100 documents marked as secret or top secret have been recovered.

These files are among more than 11,000 taken from Mar-a-Lago in an investigation into the mishandling of official documents, which President Joe Biden has described in recent days as “irresponsible.”

Meanwhile, the House of Representatives’ election commission investigating the January 6 riots announced the date and time of a final public hearing on the matter before the group published its official findings.


Trump’s advisor is following him in giving positive reinforcement, the report says

To quote people told about the practice, Maggie Haberman of New York Times reports that in the 20 months Donald Trump has been out of office, a rotating group of advisers has been tasked with following him around the golf course at the club where he is to provide him with positive support from Twitter and other places where he is found. network.


Judge tasked with reviewing Trump’s papers skeptical of the former president’s legal strategy

A federal high judge, tasked with reviewing more than 11,000 state documents recovered from the home of former President Donald Trump, was skeptical about the ex-president’s claims that he did not have to tell him whether Trump had declassified any of the 100 records that still bore classification marks. when they were found by researchers.

After Trump’s lawyer James Trusty told senior district judge Raymond Dearie that he and his colleagues were “unable” to tell him whether Trump had ordered any of the disputed documentation to be declassified before his term as president ended, Judge Dearie replied: brought a lawsuit.

Andrew Feinberg reports to Independent.


Why didn’t Coach Kennedy return to school after the Supreme Court ruling?

Football high school lawyers, who lost his job after repeated sideline prayers with students, insisted that he wanted to regain his position despite the fact that he had not yet completed the required paperwork and was busy speaking on the “conservative celebrity circuit”.

Joe Kennedy, 53, made international headlines this summer after the conservative U.S. Supreme Court ruled in his favor after arguing that Washington state school officials had violated his First Amendment right to freedom of expression.

Andrew Buncombe has a story.


Melania Trump defends controversial holiday comments on the issue of holiday decorations

Former First Lady Melania Trump has defended herself against the controversial comments she reportedly made about Christmas while at the White House.

Ms Trump says her words were taken out of context and “maliciously edited” by former confidant Stephanie Winston Wolkoff.

Graeme Massie knows the story.


The date of the final public hearing of the commission on January 6 was announced

The House of Representatives Select Committee investigating the Capitol riots on January 6 will hold another final hearing next Wednesday, Chairman Bennie ThompsonHe saidNew York Times on Tuesday.

Mr. Thompson said this would likely be the last hearing, except at new developments. The hearing takes place after the August break and no hearings were held after the next session of the Chamber.

Before the House went to recess, Vice-President Liz Cheney pointed out that while the committee was counting on the end of hearings in July, new developments meant the committee was likely to hold hearings in August.


Watch: “The Things We Do for Orange Jesus”

Liz Cheney talks about what happened in the Republican Capitol locker room prior to the January 6, 2021 attack on Congress.


On January 6, the committee will hold a final hearing on September 28

The Chamber’s selection committee examining the events preceding and preceding January 6 will hold a final hearing at 1.00 p.m. on September 28.

Chairman Bennie Thompson says each committee member will have a role and the focus of the hearing.

“I can say that unless something else develops, the hearing at this point is the final hearing. But it is not [set] in Stone. Because things happen, ”says Mr. Thompson.


Kushner says Trump has “started reading” his book

In an address on Fox News, former White House adviser Jared Kushner said his father-in-law, Donald Trump, “started reading” his book while in the White House, expressing surprise at “he’s so busy right now.”

He also said that he had not shown a copy of the book to his test before publication as he would have had several “editions”.


New book says Fox presenter told network chief to put Arizona back in Trump’s column on election night

According to a new book Dividerafter Fox News called Arizona on behalf of Joe Biden on the 2020 election night, Fox News presenter Brett Baier contacted network president Jay Wallace to tell him that Trump’s campaign is “really pissed” and recommended that it be better placed back in the Donald Trump column.


Book says the “complexion problem” prevented Trump from electing Nikki Haley as secretary of state

Former UN ambassador Nikki Haley was rejected as US secretary of state during the Trump administration due to “a complexion problem,” according to a new book.

In the book by New YorkerSusan Glasser i New York Times Piotr Bakers, DividerThe couple reported that people close to the former president described Donald Trump discussing the possibility of electing Mrs. Haley to several important roles in his administration, including potentially his vice president.

John Bowden knows the history.


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