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Trump News – Latest: Trump threatens ‘serious problems’ for US if accused of Mar-a-Lago newspapers

Jen Psaki says Democrats ‘love to be against’ Donald Trump ahead of terms

Former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows reportedly complied with a call from the Justice Department linked to an investigation into the events of the January 6 riots. He is the highest-ranking member of the Trump administration to carry out such an order.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump once again stated in an interview that as president he has “absolute power” to declassify documents and declassified files found in Mar-a-Lago by the FBI during August’s search.

The claim is misleading as there are standardized protocols that generally need to be followed when declassifying documents, and there is no evidence that Trump or his team did. More important to Mr. Trump is that the classification status of the files he took with him to Florida is unrelated to any of the crimes the FBI cited in its search warrant statement.

Even so, he promised “big problems” for the US if prosecuted in this case.

According to Chairman Bennie Thompson, in other investigations into the former president, the House of Representatives’ election commission examining January 6 obtained “thousands” of communications between Secret Service employees during the riots.


The White House expresses deep concern over migrant flights by GOP governors

The White House said on Thursday that Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are using migrants to punish Democrat-led state and local government leaders is a “deeply alarming” feat that puts innocent children at risk of gaining political points.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters that the two governors disrupted the federal process of dealing with migrants and using migrants as “political pawns.”

“It’s shameful, reckless and just plain wrong,” she said.

Andrew Feinberg reports on the administration’s reaction.


Trump Complains About ‘Bad’ McConnell, ‘Favorite Senator Schumer’

Former President Donald Trump has targeted Senatorial minority leader Mitch McConnell in his latest diatrib on Social Truth.

He started: Mitch McConnell gives Democrats whatever they want. He is their domestic dog! He has not held back trillions of dollars in spending by refusing to use the debt ceiling as a negotiating tool. He gave it up for nothing. Now he wants to give Manchin what he wanted to destroy America and even the people of West Virginia.

Continuing, he said: What about his carbon tax? The Republican Senate has to do something about this absolute loser, Mitch McConnell, who folds against the Democrats every time – and it gets worse!

In addition, the former president wrote: Finally, some Republicans with great courage! Rick Scott, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are working hard to stop Chuck Schumer and his favorite Senator Mitch McConnell from breaking through a disastrous resolution that will do nothing to stop inflation, expand our economy or restore the American dream – this is just to put Big Government First and give Manchin his terrible deal.

In conclusion, he suggested: Instead, we need a LONG-TERM RESOLUTION CONCERN so that we can deal with the real state of emergency, the destruction of America by the Radical Left, and once again put AMERICA first. McConnell is so bad!


Mark Meadows complies with the January 6th DoJ’s summons

Former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows reportedly complied with a Justice Department court order related to an investigation into the January 6 riot events.

CNN broke the story and cited “sources familiar with this case.” According to unnamed sources, Mr. Meadows provided the same material he gave to the House election commission that investigates the Capitol riots.

Mr. Meadows’ compliance makes him the highest-ranking member of former President Donald Trump’s administration, which heeds the Justice Department’s calls.


Let’s talk about economy, mid-term, war in Ukraine in 60 minutes


Despite widespread criticism, DeSantis praises Marta’s performance at the vineyard as “innovative”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis boasted of his “innovative” strategy of sending two planes full of Venezuelan migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

“We are not a sanctuary-state, and it is better to be able to go to a sanctuary-jurisdiction,” DeSantis said at one of the events. “And yes, we’ll help you make this transportation easier so you can go to greener pastures.”

Eric Garcia reports on the governor’s comments.


The Tucker Carlson segment may have inspired DeSantis migrants to the Martha’s Vineyard feat

An excerpt by Fox News host Tucker Carlson may have inspired Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis to send migrants to Martha’s Vineyard.

Mr. DeSantis sent about 50 migrants to an island off the coast of Massachusetts on Wednesday.

The movement could have been inspired by the fragment na Tucker Carlson Tonight from the end of July.


Trump hooks up Melania’s Christmas decorations with a flirtatious commentary on Truth Social

Donald Trump has sent a rare flirty message to supporters of Truth Social, his own social network, who have been told of Melania Trump’s “beautiful” Christmas decorations.

The former first lady received loud support on Thursday when the former president of “reTruthed” made a post from his wife that this week she announced a new range of digital and genuine brass holiday decorations.

“Really beautiful (I mean the ornaments!),” Wrote Mr. Trump.


To change Puerto Rico to Greenland? Trump proposed it once, says the new book

When Donald Trump put forward the controversial idea of ​​buying Greenland in 2019, it was not due to talks with administration officials, as he said at the time. As reported in a new book, this was a side effect of a suggestion from one of his billionaires friends.

Johanna Chisholm has a story.



Boebert wasn’t the first … remember that moment?

Rep. Lauren Boebert is not the first lawmaker to introduce food into a speech by mistake.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene was ridiculed on the Internet in March for recording a video confusing the name of the Nazi secret police with the name of chilled tomato soup.


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