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Trump news today: Donald Trump predicts an arrest on Tuesday as a potential indictment looms

Trump news today: Donald Trump predicts an arrest on Tuesday as a potential indictment looms

Donald Trump promises to stay in the race in 2024 if criminal charges are brought against him

Donald Trump predicted his arrest on Tuesday in an angry Truth Social post calling for protests to “take back our nation”, presenting a brutal vision of an America in chaos.

Law enforcement is reportedly preparing for the possibility of indicting him for secretly withdrawing money to Stormy Daniels. Mr Trump’s spokesman later clarified that there was “no notification” of the arrest or allegations other than “illegal leaks” to news outlets.

Meanwhile, a federal judge ordered his attorney, Evan Corcoran, to testify before a grand jury about conversations he had with the former president regarding classified documents found at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

On social media, Mr Trump made a triumphant return to Facebook and posted no less than eight videos on his Truth Social account on Friday. YouTube also announced the end of his ban on the platform after the video-sharing site and others suspended the former president in the aftermath of the attack on the United States Capitol.


Mike Pence: “This is what the Manhattan prosecutor’s office says is their top priority?”

After condemning Trump’s behavior around January 6, former vice president Mike Pence stood up for his former boss on Saturday after predicting he would be arrested next week.

His told SiriusXM radio that a potential NYPD indictment “reeks of the political indictment we endured during the Russian hoax,” referring to the GOP’s shorthand for an investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, with reports revealing a web of ties between the Trump campaign and Russian actors, neither of which is a hoax.

“Is that what the Manhattan prosecutor’s office says is their top priority?” added Mr. Pence.

Alex WoodwardMarch 18, 2023 20:12


Trump Announces First 2024 Campaign Rally in Waco as Texas City Marks 30th Anniversary of Iconic Siege

Donald Trump will hold his first 2024 presidential campaign rally in Waco, Texas on March 25, the 30th anniversary of a deadly 51-day siege by law enforcement of the Branch Davidians religious complex.

Trump’s campaign statement announcing the rally points to his support among Texas Republican voters in a recent poll by a right-wing media company that found the former president leading in the state against potential 2024 rival Ron DeSantis.

Alex WoodwardMarch 18, 2023 19:39


Nancy Pelosi: ‘Nobody is above the law’

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi denounced Donald Trump’s “reckless” statement anticipating his arrest, which she said was used to “keep the news and stir up unrest among his supporters.”

“Regardless of the Grand Jury’s decision, the consideration of this case is clear: no one is above the law, not even the former president of the United States,” she said in a statement released on Saturday.

“He cannot hide from breaking the law, disrespecting our choices and inciting violence. Rightly so, our legal system will decide how to hold him accountable.”

Alex WoodwardMarch 18, 2023 18:47


The Manhattan DA and the Secret Service reportedly had delicate discussions about how to deal with a potential arrest

According to Yahoo News, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office is reportedly engaged in “delicate negotiations with the Secret Service” on how to handle a potential Trump arrest.

“The main question at the moment is how to develop procedures for an extraordinary and unprecedented scenario: how to arrest, fingerprint – according to standard procedure – handcuff a defendant who happens to be a former president and is protected by a group of Secret Service agents,” he said. Chief Investigative Correspondent Michael Isikoff.

Trump could be charged with a felony for secretly making cash payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels, reportedly under investigation by New York prosecutors.

His former attorney Michael Cohen pleaded guilty in 2018 to a federal charge involving a $130,000 payment to Daniels in 2016 to allegedly silence her over her claim that she had sex with Mr. Trump.

Cohen was later allegedly reimbursed for the money he gave her in payments described by Trump’s business as “legal fees,” which could be the basis for falsifying business records. Cohen faced a second grand jury in New York City.

Alex WoodwardMarch 18, 2023 18:41


Republicans are rushing to defend Trump after the former president teases his arrest next week

Despite seeing no charges or evidence regarding the still unannounced indictment against him, top Republican figures quickly came to Trump’s defense on Saturday after he predicted he would be arrested.

Alex WoodwardMarch 18, 2023 18:24


McCarthy slammed for using House speaker role to ‘stop justice’

While Republicans dutifully rally around the former president to defend him from possible criminal prosecution before reviewing any evidence or the still-unannounced indictment, lawmakers and activist groups have condemned House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s statement accusing the Manhattan District Attorney of “outrageous abuse of power”.

McCarthy also said he was directing House committees to “immediately investigate whether federal funds are being used to subvert our democracy by interfering with elections with politically motivated accusations.”

A statement from Brad Woodhouse of the Congressional Integrity Project said McCarthy “is using his power as Speaker of the House of Representatives to try to hold back justice by threatening and intimidating those investigating Trump’s alleged misconduct with his own investigations.”

“Kevin McCarthy gave his speech to Trump, election deniers, white nationalist sympathizers and the MAGA cult and lost his moral superiority to lead,” he added.

Alex WoodwardMarch 18, 2023 17:43


Top GOP official accuses prosecutors of ‘dangerous new low’ with comparisons to ‘socialist dictators’

Republican Party Congresswoman Elise Stefanik said the “illegal leaks” about Trump’s arrest – which were announced by Trump himself – are “un-American” and stated that “the radical left has reached dangerous new heights in Third World countries” .

In a statement full of randomly capitalized words, Ms. Stefanik said that “the radical left will now follow in the footsteps of the socialist dictators and reportedly arrest President Trump, the top Republican candidate for the presidency of the United States” because “they cannot defeat President Trump at the ballot box.”

“These corrupt left-wing prosecutors like Alvin Bragg and their socialist allies fail to understand that the America First Patriots have never been so motivated to exercise their constitutional rights to peacefully organize and VOTE…to save our great republic,” she added.

Her remarks follow other top Republican officials who have rushed to the former president’s defense without seeing the indictment or indictment presenting potential charges and evidence against Mr. Trump.

Alex WoodwardMarch 18, 2023 17:22


‘No one is above the law’: Reactions as Trump claims he will be arrested next week

Celebrities from around the world of culture reacted to the latest reports about former US President Donald Trump. Independent’s Louis Chilton reports:

Alex WoodwardMarch 18, 2023 17:01


Trump rages on Truth Social soliciting donations from supporters

After soliciting donations from his supporters through his Truth Social account, Donald Trump has again invoked inflammatory and apocalyptic rhetoric around his 2024 campaign and potential indictments after predicting he would be arrested on Tuesday.

Another capital letter post on Saturday – about 45 minutes after he asked supporters to “send their contributions” to his campaign – called on his supporters to “protest, protest, protest” to “save America.”

He once again stated that the US is being “led into World War III” while the Biden administration is “killing our people”.

Mr Trump’s spokesman said he wrote his posts without direct knowledge of the time of any arrest.

Alex WoodwardMarch 18, 2023 16:50


The New York mayor’s office “always stays prepared” as law enforcement prepares for Trump’s indictment

New York Mayor’s spokesman Eric Adams did not discuss the security measures the city and federal, state and local law enforcement are reportedly considering ahead of a potential indictment against Donald Trump.

In a statement to Gothamist, he said the city always remains prepared for any potentially significant events.

“In coordination with other local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, the NYPD is always prepared to respond to on-site events and keep New Yorkers safe,” he said Saturday.

Alex WoodwardMarch 18, 2023 16:43


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