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TWICE finally reveals the secret of their incredibly close friendship – and it’s heartening

They gave different answers.

There is no doubt that outside of work, TWICE members are close friends who love each other. In fact, all nine members renewed their contracts JYP Entertainment, extending the life of the group! And recently, the girls celebrated their 7th debut anniversary by visiting a pop-up store and decorating cakes for fans.


They also sat down for a heart-to-heart interview where they answered questions about the group. One of the questions Nayeon the answer was: “What makes you so close?

Nayeon from TWICE

According to “POP!” singer, the girls are always understanding and caring. The most important factor, however, is how much they trust each other.

I feel happiest when I’m with TWICE members. They are so understanding and considerate. Above all, we have trust.

— Nayeon

Nayeon explained that sometimes there is friction due to their different personalities. But whenever she feels hurt by something they did or said, she reminds herself that they only care about her. He trusts them so much.

We are individually different. From time to time, unintentionally, I may hurt or be hurt by someone. But I think all those words or actions that can hurt me are based on mutual love. This is the level of trust I place in members.

— Nayeon

On the other hand, Face he thinks they are close because they always enjoy each other’s company. Whenever they play together, they like to share their happiness with their fans.

The closeness between our team members is noticeable on stage or anywhere else. We ourselves have fun and feel happy when we are together, and we share this happiness with TOGETHER.

– Mine

And both of their words were confirmed by Jihyo! The leader of the group has opened up about how much she loves her members. They instinctively know how he is feeling and can tell if he is having a good or bad day.

Moreover, they love her despite her weaknesses. She never ceases to feel grateful when she sees them.

My love for the members of TWICE and the love for the TWICE team has grown to enormous proportions. So we all think about this saying. Even if I don’t explain how I feel or tell them about my condition, they know if I’m feeling good or bad that day. They understand my strengths and weaknesses. And I have 8 of them. It makes me feel very grateful and that thought comforts me. So instead of sharing a specific episode, I feel grateful just seeing all the TWICE members with me. I feel it a lot.

– Jihyo

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