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TWICE Glorious end? Media Outlet, people react after the group’s ranking on the MelOn Chart

TWICE Glorious end?  Media Outlet, people react after the group’s ranking on the MelOn Chart

Despite “SET ME FREE” being TWICE’s long-awaited “READY TO BE” title track, some K-pop and K-media enthusiasts are reacting to its “poor” performance on local charts such as MelOn.

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On March 13, TWICE received mixed reactions from K-media and K-pop fans after his new song “SET ME FREE” underperformed as soon as it was released.

In particular, nonet kicked off their long-awaited return to Korea on March 10 with their 12th mini-album “READY TO BE”. The album features the title track “SET ME FREE” released in both Korean and English as well as other b-side tracks including “GOT THE THRILLS”, “BLAME IT ON ME”, “WALLFLOWER”, “CRAZY STUPID LOVE”. The album also includes the group’s pre-release English song “MOONLIGHT SUNRISE”, originally released on January 20.

Even before its release, TWICE made it clear that they were determined to break the worldly gaze and prejudices and welcome their true selves through the album, even showing their nude faces in the music video.

Both the concept and the trailers really excite music fans, as TWICE, who is a top 3rd generation female group and hitmaker, never disappoints when it comes to their songs.

However, some surprising results are obtained.

In the daily rankings of MelOn, the country’s largest music website used by Koreans, the title song “SET ME FREE” ranked only 83rd on the day of its release and 101st the next day (March 11). On March 13, the song is no longer in the TOP100, like other songs. In the following days, the song climbs the charts, but is more unstable than consistent.

“SET ME FREE” MV: TWICE is back in high spirits for a long-awaited comeback

(Photo: Twitter: @JYPETWICE)

Thanks to K-media Pop trailer quoted:

“It’s quite surprising that TWICE’s title track made it outside the top 100 within one day of its release, with netizens commenting that it was a regrettable choice. fulfilled when they became elder idols.”

Many netters agreed to this, saying:

  • “It’s purely the result of a bad song choice.”
  • “The song sure sucks.”
  • “TWICE is certainly popular and that will never change, but let’s accept that this song was a disappointment and they should have chosen a better title track.”

TWICE records with “READY TO BE”

TWICE, worldwide promotion before the premiere of the new album... anticipation ↑

(Image: TWICE on Twitter)

However, aside from the MelOn show, TWICE’s new comeback is a really hot release!

On the same day it was released, MBC reported that “READY TO BE” topped the Hanteo Daily Albums Chart and the Circle Chart’s Daily Retail Albums Chart. It then topped the Hanteo Chart (03.06 ~ 03.12) and Circle Chart 10th Week Retail Album Weekly Chart (03.05 ~ 03.11) in 2023, giving the green light to another million retailers after the previous work “BETWEEN 1&2”. In fact, as of July 7, the album set a new record, surpassing 1.7 million pre-orders.

The music video for “SET ME FREE” has also topped YouTube’s worldwide trend chart for four consecutive days since it was released on March 13, proving its huge popularity.

TWICE, first release of new song Teaser MV... Naked face look

(Image: TWICE on Twitter)

Outside of Korea, the album and song were also highly praised by international fans, demonstrating their continued growth overseas.

Attention is focused on whether TWICE will be able to record enough growth in the local charts once their promotional efforts as a group take place.

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Written by Eunice Dawson.


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