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TWICE’s Mina and Dahyun have been doing special shows since their debut — and have even influenced their members

Mina’s routine is not common!

On the occasion of their 7th anniversary, JYP Entertainment A group of girls TWICE recently visited their own pop-up store and decorated cakes and cupcakes for fans.


And to top it all off, they warmly opened up about their feelings for the other members and ONCE in the video! The girls were filmed entering a room full of sticky notes, each containing a question. They chose a few, answering them honestly.

One such question was popular among members, as evidenced by the way both of them Face and Dahyun chose it. The newspaper reads:Do you have any special routine you’ve been following since your debut?

Mina (left) and Dahyun (right)

“Dubu” Dahyun was the first to respond. She revealed that her biggest must-have is perfume, so her routine is to spray a few drops on her body. Because the smell helps her relax, she feels better on stage and gives her best. It’s an instant pick-me-up!

I have to use perfume. The smell relaxes me. my heart saysPhew‘ That’s how I bring that good feeling to the stage.

— Dahyun

On the other hand, TWICE’s “penguin” Mina had a different kind of routine, less common. In her case, she uses nothing but her own hands. She explained that she finds comfort in patting her arms and legs to stay alert and focused.

I pat myself to stay focused and alert. I keep patting myself. To stay focused and alert, I stroke myself like this. This is my routine.

– Mine

And it was so eye-catching that he immediately drew another member to him—Maknae Tzuyu!

Tzuyu (left) and Mina (right)

According to Mina, Tzuyu found it so interesting that she copied it during their concert in Korea. She wondered why Mina did this every day and learned how to do it. Now that she’s tried it herself, she’s also a huge action fan!

Tzuyu copied my routine on tour in Korea. She said, ‘Why are you doing this every day?‘ Then she just copied me. So I taught her.

– Mine

In the same interview, the members brought fans to tears as they talked about their close friendship. Find out what they said in the article below.

TWICE finally reveals the secret of their incredibly close friendship – and it’s heartening



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