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TWO TIMES Dating Rumor with Mina: Why did she get embroiled with NCT Jeno?

Mina made her debut as a member of the nine-member girls’ band TWICE in October 2015. After her debut, Mina succeeded and became one of the most popular idols among the third generation. This is not only due to TWICE’s catchy music, but also to its lovable personality. With her highest idol status, many always hope to learn more about Mina and her personal life, especially her dating life.

In fact, a TWICE member has even been embroiled in rumors of dating NCT member Jeno. But why was she connected to him? Were they really dating? Read on to find out!

TWICE Mina dating rumor with NCT Jeno

In August of this year, Mina’s TWICE dating status was questioned after reports of her relationship with NCT member Jeno surfaced on the Internet.

Rumors of dating between the two idols surfaced after attention was drawn to the fact that Jeno had reportedly followed Mina on Instagram but later stopped following her after an hour.

(Photo: Instagram: @mina_sr_my)

While some have argued that Jeno following Mina was just a coincidence, especially since Jeno was not following anyone at the time the incident happened, it still raised suspicions that both idols were in a romantic relationship.

NCT Jeno, TWICE Mina

(Photo: Twitter: @ 2BADDlES)
NCT Jeno followed Mina on Instagram twice

Not only that, but many have even compared their situation to the BLACKPINK Jennie and BTS V case, where the latter accidentally followed singer “Shut Down” on Instagram last December.

After that, the two idols got caught up in dating rumors, and then pictures of Jennie and V were leaked online together.

In addition to Mina being “accidentally” followed by Jeno, some also claim that they both suggest their relationship through similar Instagram gimmicks.

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NCT Jeno

(Photo: Instagram: @ leejen_o_423)
NCT Jeno

“Clues” about Mina and Jeno’s relationship

Mina’s Instagram is currently “mina_sr_my” and Jeno is “leejen_o_423”. Since they both used two underscores, others thought it was “two” for them.

Another “clue” others found was that Mina and Jeno accidentally tested positive for COVID-19 with little difference from each other. Mina announced she was positive with the virus on May 24, and Jeno announced it on June 2. This led others to believe that the two idols were together before the results.

Finally, one more ‘tip’ that internet users found was that Mina and Jeno are friends on Steam, the platform for playing and discussing games. It has also been revealed that the two are playing games together on the platform.


(Photo: Instagram: @mina_sr_my)

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While many say there are too many clues about their relationship, some simply dismissed it because it seemed like people thought too much about it. Others have also expressed their support if they are actually meeting.

At the time of writing, the relevant agencies Miny and Jeno, JYP Entertainment and SM Entertainment have commented on the matter.

But for now, Mina is currently single and is not dating anyone in public, nor has she had any confirmed relationships in the past.

What do you think about Mina’s dating rumor?

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