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TXT’s Taehyun goes viral as netizens rave about his ‘AMAs 2022’ interviews

Even people who are not his fans fall under his charm!

text‘s Taehyung seemingly charms everyone after the group’s recent performance at The US Music Awards 2022 (or AMAs).

TXT (also known as TOMORROW X TOGETHER) has gained popularity at this year’s festivals many times AMAs. They naturally gained recognition for their unique visuals…

TXT for “AMA 2022” | @AMAS/Twitter

…and brought the internet to a meltdown with their iconic interactions with other celebrities, incl Soobinshe is with her idol baby Rexha.

But a member Taehyung he also earned his fair share of the healthy charm he displayed in interviews. In the post-event livestream, Taehyun mentioned that he was very nervous about attending the event AMAs. He joked that fans would have to listen to the same answer in all the interviews he gave…

… but the truth is that his interviews made everyone rave about him. It seemed like he had become everyone’s best friend!

In fact, his apparent talkativeness charmed even non-fans!

Of course, all TXT members were praised for their openness and kindness…

But MOA couldn’t help but be proud of how Taehyun’s interviews proved him to be a major draw to the states.

While TXT will always be praised for their kind and positive personalities, it was definitely great to see Taehyun shine like this at such a big event!



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