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TXT’s Yeonjun has the most distinctive reaction to swearing Beomgyu during his live broadcast birthday

When it comes to being an idol, there are some strict expectations as to how they should behave. One of the biggest non-noses is swearing. It’s almost impossible to see idols cursing during a live stream or promotion, and if so, words are usually censored.

One person who recently noticed swearing during a live broadcast was text‘s Beomgyu. However, no one reacted more funny than a colleague Yeonjun.

Beomgyu from TXT (left) and Yeonjun (right) | @ txt_members / Twitter

Although all TXT members have a close bond, Yeonjun and Beomgyu have always had a hilarious friendship, and Internet users called them “Tom and Jerry.”

The wording comes from the fact that Beomgyu always likes to annoy Yeonjun (like Jerry’s mouse) while the oldest member of the group has the funniest reactions (like Tom the cat).

Yeonjun recently ran a live broadcast to celebrate his birthday by talking to MOA and reporting on what was going on. It was an epic broadcast with lots of fun moments, including performances by Beomgyu and other members.

Yeonjun’s birthday broadcast | weaver

Yeonjun of Hueningkai | weaver

In an instant with Beomgyu Yeonjun, he seemed very excited and began singing the lyrics of the band’s song “Can’t You See Me” while showing off his really nice jacket.

| @ 19304s / Twitter

Even Beomgyu seemed obsessed as he complimented the jacket by adding: “Did you save money for that?” Considering how good he was, it’s not surprising that Yeonjun seemed quite pleased with the response that he was bought with the money he saved.

| @ 19304s / Twitter

However, it was another Beomgyu comment, to which Yeonjun (and indeed Internet users) reacted the most funny. Like many fans, Beomgyu seemed to love the Yeonjun Jacket and shared his love by saying:“Shit, she’s pretty.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Yeonjun couldn’t stop laughing and it was easy to see why, as Beomgyu literally swore on the live stream.

| @ 19304s / Twitter

Beomgyu quickly noticed Yeonjun was laughing, asking where the jacket came from. However, when Beomgyu asked why, Yeonjun simply replied: “No, it’s nothing. It’s understandable, LOL?

| @ 19304s / Twitter

It wasn’t long before Beomgyu realized what was happening, what he was asking for, “Because I said sh ** y?” which Yeonjun apparently agreed was the reason he laughed.

Fortunately, Beomgyu was ready with his explanations, and it seems that the phrase actually meant something completely different from the negative associations that many have. Idol explained “It’s just an expression of admiration.”

| @ 19304s / Twitter

After listening to his explanation, Yeonjun seemed to understand the context better, but that didn’t stop him from finding it amusing.

Yes, it is understandable. Admiring is understandable. It’s like “jjun dah” (fun), right?

– Yeonjun

| @ 19304s / Twitter

Beomgyu then joked, “Why? Don’t I have enough skins in the game to say this? The phrase can be compared to Beomgyu asking if he had enough influence or “clout” to be able to say it live.

| @ 19304s / Twitter

Funnily enough, when a live replay was shown, this part was cut from the entire video. However, not only Yeonjun found it amusing.

When the clip was posted on social media, thousands of fans could not come to terms with how much Beomgyu did not care about what he said. At the same time, many wanted companies to give their dolls more freedom to say what they wanted.

As always, Beomgyu proves to be the “impassive king” and despite their hilarious friendship, Yeonjun is always best at responding to his little brother.

You can read more about when Yeonjun reacted to his members’ curses below.

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