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UK weather: Met Office extends snow warning in heavy rain

UK weather: Met Office extends snow warning in heavy rain

Heavy rains were forecast in the north of Britain on Thursday as the country prepares for another chilly day amid cold winds off the Arctic.

A yellow warning has been issued by the Met Office for Thursday with rain expected for parts of England, Wales and Scotland, while snow is expected for parts of northern England and Scotland.

Showers, initially widespread, are expected to be limited to northern Scotland during the day.

In the rest of the country, the weather will be cloudy with occasional rain or drizzle. The western hills are likely to experience the most persistent rainfall.

Scattered showers are expected in Northern Ireland during the day.

This comes after the UK experienced snow and ice last week and temperatures remained below average. But on Wednesday night, conditions changed to milder than previous nights.

In the coming week, the Met Office says the weather is expected to remain uncertain with sometimes windy conditions.

Most areas will see mild weather on Friday and Saturday, while cooler conditions will continue to hit northern Scotland throughout. Average temperatures in the south of the country are expected on Sunday.

Heavy rain and showers are expected in the west early next week, but also strong winds and coastal gales.

The north-east of England and eastern Scotland are expected to experience periods of rain, with snow possible on high ground.

Unsettled conditions are expected for most of the period, with periods of rain and strong winds possibly before spring.

There is still a risk of snow in the northern parts of the country, particularly in the higher parts of Scotland, with showers in the far north.

Wet conditions are expected in the west, especially in the western and southwestern hills. The overall temperature will be close to medium to mild in the south, but close to medium to low in the north.


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