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Unpredictable Adventure: 5 Reasons To Watch Side Story of Fox Volant

Based on Jin Yong Wuxi’s classic novel of the same name, Side Story of Fox Volant, also known to fans as The Young Flying Fox, tells the story of an orphan named Hu Fei and his mission to take revenge for the murders of his parents and uncle. His path to revenge becomes complicated when he falls in love with the warlord’s daughter and wants to heal a blind man. Side Story of Fox Volant is the unforeseen adventure from the first episode! The fantasy series has only just begun, but every moment is precious now. Martial arts shows are captivating and emotions are high. Here are five reasons why you need to watch Side Story of Fox Volant.

1. Mesmerizing martial arts

Each episode promises a feast for the eyes through the manifestation of intense martial arts scenes. For example, Miao Renfeng (Lin Shen, “Kitchen Dating” star) is a master and everyone is afraid of him. During a friendly meal that turned into a hostile reunion with the people of Official Fu Kang An, it turns out that they are no match for Miao Renfeng. When Official Fu Kang An (Ye Xiang Ming) asks Miao Renfeng to become an Imperial Bodyguard, Miao Renfeng refuses. Its rejection turns the whole situation into a total war of martial arts against the people of Official Fu Kang An.

While Miao Renfeng expected opposition, he did not expect even the host to hold an even greater grudge against him. But the beloved host woman is murdered, so she wants to avenge his untimely death by murdering Miao Renfeng. But he barely avoids death in this terrifying ordeal. Watching Miao Renfeng fight the local and visiting warriors will leave you completely enchanted. Actor Lin Shen is utterly credible as an incomparable legend and deserves a standing ovation for his role.

2. Great historical clothes

There is a lot of great fashion in this drama. When Nan Lan (Maggie Huang) comes to town with her father, she is wearing the best fabrics and furs money can buy. Her outfit shows the enormous wealth that the Nan family enjoys. Miao Renfeng saves her life during their first meeting, but none of the intense fighting that surrounds her wrinkles her clothes.

On the other hand, the Ma Chun Hua (Hai Ling) family is not rich, but owns their own business. She has lovingly styled hair and wears impeccable clothes. No wonder the young men in this drama are instantly drawn to her beauty, which is emphasized by her bright outfit!

There is also a character Yuan Zi Yi who enters the show herself in stunning outfit. The flowing fabrics on her warrior costume will make any viewer a little jealous.

3. Amazing cast

In addition to Lin Shen as the legendary hero of Miao Renfeng, the main cast is doing an amazing job with their notable roles. There is actor Qin Jun Jie who previously impressed on Listening Snow Tower by running the series as a fearless boy named Hu Fei. He is on a mission to take revenge for his loved ones. Hu Fei considers martial artist Miao Renfeng to be his sworn enemy and blames him for the murder of his parents. Unfortunately, Miao Renfeng fought his dad with a poisoned sword. Qin Jun Jie is the pillar of strength and endurance as Hu Fei.

There is also Liang Jie who has appeared in many songs such as “You Are My Destiny”, “Eternal Love”, “The Day You Become You” and more. He takes on the role of the powerful character Yuan Zi Yi. After the elder’s terrible attack, Yuan Zi Yi decides to get up and become a formidable fighter. She is the daughter of a warlord whom Hu Fei develops feelings for. Liang Jie is in love with everyone in this role and her strength is unbelievable!

And actress Xing Fei, who captivated viewers with “My Little Happiness”, “Hello, Marksman” and “Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard,” completes Hu Fei’s anticipated love triangle by playing the role of a student of the king of medicine, Cheng Ling Su. . Hu Fei meets her while searching for a cure for a sick blind man. And although Cheng Ling Su has feelings for Hu Fei, it is very unlikely that he would love her back. The character of Xing Fei is very related and she is great in her role.

4. Comedy

Despite the fierce battles and emotional scenes, Side Story of Fox Volant has a few moments of humor. On his way to Foshan, Hu Fei has a fun meeting with Yuan Zi Yi from the Tianshan sect. Her horse splashes mud on him and he chases her. But his horse cannot catch up with her and eventually falls off his horse. When she finally catches up with Yuan Zi Yi, Hu Fei accidentally sees her taking a bath and she steals Hu Fei’s clothes and belongings in return. The funny thing is, all of this happens when they first meet!

And the comedy doesn’t stop there. When the two martial arts experts arrive in Foshen separately, they re-join forces to bring justice to the locals. But the wealth of money they get by catching criminals is used at the local casino. Hu Fei and Yuan Zi Yi increase their winnings so much that they have enough to buy the casino itself!

5. Unexpected romance

Hu Fei’s life is full of action and romance as his story unfolds. Everyone assumes they will fall in love and will end either happily or tragically. However, the biggest shock to the supporting characters comes early in the series.

Ma Chun Hua, Hu Fei’s childhood friend, is to follow the rules of the elders and marry someone they choose for her. He is reluctant to accept their choices because he has no feelings for them. But when the adorable Official Fu arrives, Ma Chun Hua gets crushed by his sweet words and kindness. The couple even kissed during their first meeting! Unfortunately, the dates under the stars are short-lived when Fu’s official duties take him off. Of course, there’s plenty of time for a more surprising romance with even more characters in upcoming episodes.

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