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V describes how BTS show support for their solo work, what music and happiness mean to him, and more

BTS V recently joined forces with Vogue Korea to create a mystical illustration!

In an accompanying interview, V shared his view on why the world needs music by saying, “I think music helps us all breathe. I don’t think I would want to live if music was taken out of my life. I believe it’s music that empowers all emotions, including comfort, fun and the feeling of touch, in all the patterns of my life such as going to work, work, leaving work and eating.

Responding to the interlocutor’s comment that thanks to him they discovered the new song, V commented: “I found out about Choi Baek Ho’s End of the Sea through Park Hyo Shin and I feel good that you discovered it through me. Hope you found it comforting.

The interviewer added that despite all the uncertainties in life, V reminded them of the famous phrase “Keep Calm and Carry On.” When asked if he was the type to stay calm in unpredictable situations, V replied, “Even if I look at ease, honestly I am not. I just act like that.

He developed, “Instead, I learned to think simply. Even if my thoughts are not the right answer, I act with the belief that these thoughts are the best I can do. It’s not that there’s no pressure, but I don’t regret my actions. If it’s for the people I love, I think I have to behave well. Even when I’m hurt or struggling, thanks to ARMY [BTS’s fan club]BTS, my family and my friends, I am healthy and happy. “

V is a well-known social butterfly having many celebrity friends about whom he commented: “I’m the type to cherish my relationships with others. I like people at first, and I think artists, directors, writers and reporters are all valuable. In the past, I’ve hurt myself and started avoiding people who see me only as a V or as a relationship, but I still like people. The people around me are precious people now who have made me who I am today. “

It is assumed that the difficulty in being a celebrity is how people project on you, and V was asked if his identity was something he struggled with. He gave a short and sweet answer, saying, “V is another of me and one of my many personalities.”

In the past, V has detailed his concerns about whether fans will continue to like him if they don’t see him for an extended period of time. He shared his thoughts on this, commenting: “It’s been better lately because we promote and play shows, but if there’s another period where I can’t see my fans, it’s going to be tough. I want to promote consistently, but there is also a physical aspect… I wish I was able to meet the fans as much as I am determined. However, I always work hard to be able to show my best when I have the opportunity to meet my fans.

Currently, BTS focuses on solo promotions. On how members continue to offer each other support and strength, working separately, V explained: “We really support each other. Recently, the members went to Suga’s house to share the solo songs each of us had made. Some people danced and we all said, “It’s okay, it’s okay!” He added: “I don’t know if it’s because the members are making new music in their own color, but it’s great to see how passionately, actively and diligently we make music and love each other.”

Besides working on his solo album, V discussed what other areas he was interested in, sharing: “For starters, everything that ARMY likes is what I like, so I want to try everything. There was talk of being on the radio, so I want to try the radio.

In the middle of a BTS promotion, V spoke of feeling a bit limited as a group member. Reflecting on this, V commented: “I was really grateful that ARMY understood perfectly well how we feel. Thank you for supporting us so much. Thanks to you, I was able to lighten the load a bit. “

Earlier, V described happiness as a moment without worries. When asked if he had lived through these moments, he said, “Hmm… I still think these moments come and go. If life is only happy, wouldn’t that also be difficult? Just like you want to eat something bitter or salty when something is just sweet, wouldn’t life that repeats itself not good? “

The full interview and photos from V will be featured in the upcoming October issue of Vogue Korea.

Watch V in “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth” below!

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