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V starts talking about his relationship with the members of BTS and ARMY

Known for their authentic and close relationship, BTS the members share a bond that goes far beyond the workplace. Separate them even for a moment, like in individual vlogs, and it doesn’t take long for each of them to mention the others.

Specifically, V he once explored the “non-business” relationship between boys and each other. From the moment he met them during their humble beginnings, he saw them not only as associates but as a family.

We made a solid contact because we started with a small agency. My way of thinking was also very different. From that moment on, I thought of my group as a new family.

– V

BTS show their close relationships on and off stage.

In the same way that his family supported him, his members are always ready to understand and comfort him.

Many people already know this, but my father used to say, “It’s not a big deal!” and it gives me strength to this day. Besides, my classmates tell me that I can lean on them and talk to them when I am having difficulties. When I fight, they comfort me as Kim Taehyung, not V.

– V

Members provide emotional support to each other.

This real relationship doesn’t just exist between the members – it extends to their love of fans. Willing to connect on a deeper level than mere artist-fan communication, V looks at ARMY on a deeper level.

I want to be a close friend of ARMY members and talk to them on the Weverse when I have a problem or something I want to share. This way I want to interact all the time – I don’t like a business approach to anything.

– V

V live broadcasts to hang out with fans. | Naver

V shared that he views his close relationship with fans as “destiny” and something that has a huge impact on his life.

He reveals that everything he does is what he wants to do, not for business purposes.

I take photos because I like them, I do things because I like them and I approach people because I like them. I agree that sometimes you need a business mindset, but I’m not very good at it. This is my weakness.

– V

V frequently posts photos on social media for ARMY. | @ thv / Instagram

“Since I am loved by many, I want to share this love” V shares, reciprocating the great love he receives from fans in every possible way.


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