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Varied body shapes BLACKPINK: No need for an hourglass type body, members create their own attractiveness

BLACKPINK knows how to work on its body shape for attractiveness and powerful performance.

BLACKPINK is recognized for the unique beauty of its members. (Image: Kpopping)

BLACKPINK Jennie, Rosé and Lisa share an inverted triangle silhouette, characterized by broad shoulders, a narrow waist and narrow hips. While this body type has its downsides, BLACKPINK members have their ways to make it an advantage.

The body types of BLACKPINK members are often talked about in the city. (Image: Pinterest)

Jennie is said to have the perfect upper body. It has straight, square arms. Her narrow waist allows the rapper to wear different styles as a result of a strict diet.

jennie blackpink concert
Jennie is famous for her “hangers” on her shoulders. (Photo: Instagram @jennierubyjane)
Black and pink Jennie
The styling of the outfits gives her a more balanced silhouette. (Photo: Instagram @jennierubyjane)

Also a member with an inverted triangle body, Rosé’s perfect height, narrow waist, long legs and a slender body are components of an enviable figure.

Black-pink rose LACMA Film Art Gala
The body of the inverted triangle Rosé gives a rather delicate impression. (Image: Instagram @roses_are_rosie)
black and pink rose
The singer knows how to become even more attractive with personal styling. (Image: Pinterest)

Lisa’s famous 9:1 body proportion makes her inverted triangular body shape more attractive. Her long legs and toned body give the dancer a more appealing impression as she performs the routine.

Lisa black pink pants
Lisa is recognized by the audience with a perfect body. (Image credit: Allkpop)
black and pink fox
She prefers short blouses and avoids tight pants. (Image: Instagram @lalalalisa_m)
Lisa Blackpink concert in Seoul
The perfect physique helps Lisa shine brighter when she takes her steps. (Photo: Twitter Solli)

As for Jisoo, the singer is working hard on a muscular body with rock-hard abs, which makes her body type more captivating.

Jisoo in high heels
Jisoo is the only member of BLACKPINK with a rectangular body shape. (Image: Pinterest)
black pink jisoo
Internet users reacted mixed to Jisoo’s body type. (Image credit: Allkpop)
black pink jisoo
Rigorous and challenging exercise is Jisoo’s way of getting in shape. (Image: Instagram @sooyaaa_)
Jisoo Blackpink concert in Seoul
Jisoo’s current body is much more attractive. (Image: Pinterest)

Source: Yan News


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