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Vietnamese girl group accused of BLACKPINK plagiarism

A member of the Vietnamese girls group Dreamer, MeeNapreviously he caught the warmth for wearing a lot of styles that were eerily similar to those of BLACK PINK‘s Rose. Unfortunately, fans noticed that the latest teasers of the group’s return seemed similar to BLACKPINK as well.

MiiNa styling at the top, Rosé styling at the bottom. | @ EraJisoo / Twitter

DREAMER Entertainment released the DREAMeR comeback schedule which felt incredibly familiar to fans. The pink font combined with the lightning bolts at the top of the poster resembled the BLACKPINK promotional teasers.

For promotional photos BLACKPINK “Pink Venom” and Born pink information about the world tour, the group used a pink font and a pair of pink tusks on the top. However, a teaser photo of DREAMeR came out that angered fans the most out of the many similarities.

When introducing Bao Uyen as a member of DREAMeR, she wore a pink blouse with long sleeves, pointed nails, and long hair that resembled Lisathe appearance of “Pink Venom” from the BLACKPINK teaser.

Bao Uyen

Bao Uyen seemed to copy the look down to the hair accessories, blue lenses, and pink lipstick Lisa was wearing. The DREAMeR assembly team even used the same shattered glass effect.


After seeing so many similarities that they could not ignore, BLINKI quickly called the group to “plagiarism”BLACKPINK and scheduled a contact YG Entertainment to get things done.


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