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Viewers Surprised by Yeonhwadang Shaman’s Identity Analysis in “The Glory” Part 2

Viewers Surprised by Yeonhwadang Shaman’s Identity Analysis in “The Glory” Part 2

The YouTube channel “Minhotaurs” recently uploaded a review video analyzing the shamanic scene in Part 2 of “The Glory”. This is because the Yeonhwadang tips in Part 1 reappeared in Part 2.

First, there’s the analysis of Hong Young Ae’s (Yoon Da Kyung) character abandoning her daughter Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon) in part 2. In part 1, Young Ae warned her daughter (Shin Ye Eun as young Yeon Jin) to be careful on people with the letter “ㅇ” in their name, following the shaman’s advice. However, in part 2, it is revealed that Yeon Jin’s mother’s name is Hong Young Ae, who has the most “ㅇ”. As a result, Yeon Jin’s mother abandoned her daughter.

In addition, although Yeonhwadang, which Park Yeon Jin’s family believed in, has been described as a false religious shrine, the spirit of God really exists at this place. When Shin Young Joon (Lee Hae Young) broke off his relationship with Hong Young Ae and stopped receiving the charm against evil spirits from her, he immediately became unlucky and met a miserable end. In this regard, Minhotaurs analyzed, “In The Glory, shamanism exists to some extent.”

He explained “The same goes for the time in the scene where God gets angry and punishes the shaman during the ritual. At this point, the charm falls on Hong Young Ae’s face, which is lying on the floor in Yeonhwadang. The word “Baekho (white tiger)” is inscribed on the pendant. Baekho is believed to be a divine being who exterminates spirits and evil spirits, and the fact that the charm drops at the exact moment when the shaman is punished by God suggests that Hong Young Ae will also be punished.


Interpreting the shaman’s ritual scene, the Minhotaurs said: “Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo) visits the shaman who helped Hong Yeong Ae in the murder plot and threatens her that he is going to make Park Yeon Jin more restless.” addition “When the scene shows the shaman being possessed by Yoon So Hee, Moon Dong Eun has a calm expression on his face. However, it is from episode 15. At the end of episode 14, when the shaman’s ritual begins, Moon Dong Eun is not seen behind Park Yeon Jin.

The youtuber continued, “When Moon Dong Eun did not arrive, the shaman asked Park Yeon Jin, “Should I undress? Do you want me to take off these clothes and give them to you?” This is actually a conversation between Yoon So Hee and Park Yoon Jin just before he died that Moon Dong Eun will never know about.” addition “Moon Dong Eun, who arrived a little later, listens to other words of the shaman and thinks only that the shaman is doing exactly what she was told.”

Moreover, YouTuber Minhotaurs also claimed that the shaman saw Yoon So Hee’s soul. He said, “The shaman says to the empty air: ‘Why are you here? Your whole body is blistered and your head hurts.” Moon Dong Eun didn’t tell the shaman how Yoon So Hee died, so she was surprised that the shaman knew exactly Yoon So Hee’s condition at the time.

he added, “It seems that the spirit of Yoon So Hee who suffered injustice is invisible to ordinary people, but appears to the shaman. The shaman talks about Park Yeon Jin’s clothes because Yoon So Hee’s spirit had already possessed the shaman.”adding “The shaman is then punished for performing an exorcism.”

Source: Wikitree


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