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Watch: EXO gathers as a group to react to Kai’s new music video “Rover”.

Watch: EXO gathers as a group to react to Kai’s new music video “Rover”.

EXO came together as a group to react to Kai’s new music video!

On March 14, Kai released a special reaction video for his new solo track “Rover” featuring his EXO bandmates.

The clip begins with Kai confessing that he feels nervous watching the music video with the other EXO members, laughing, “I feel like I’m being judged.”

Fortunately, however, his bandmates have nothing but praise and compliments, expressing admiration for his music video and how it turned out. At the end of the video, DO exclaims, “This song is so good,” and Chanyeol jokes, “Jongin [Kai’s given name]let’s make this an EXO song. Let’s go with this song [for our group comeback]”.

He then adds, “No, only Jongin can do that.”

Comparing this track to Kai’s previous solo releases, Xiumin notes: [solo album]and has a more energetic vibe than your first and second albums. It’s trendy and energetic at the same time, so I feel like it’ll show you a new side.”

The video ends with Suho asking his fans, “Please give lots of love to Kai’s third mini-album ‘Rover’ and we EXO will always be rooting for him by his side. Let’s go, Rover!

See EXO’s full reaction to Kai’s “Rover” music video with English subs below!

Watch Kai in his drama “The Miracle We Met” subtitled below:

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