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Watch: EXO’s DO catches criminals by bending down to their level in the epic trailer for “Bad Prosecutor”

Bad Prosecutor took another look at DO EXO in a new trailer!

KBS’s ‘Bad Prosecutor’ is a new drama about an ill-mannered prosecutor with criminal tendencies who believes in fighting for justice at all costs. DO will play as Jin Jung, the titular “evil prosecutor” who is determined to defeat those who use wealth and power to live above the law, while Lee Se Hee stars as Shin Ah Ra’s senior prosecutor. Ha Joon plays the elite and ambitious prosecutor Oh Do Hwan, who wants to climb to the top by any means possible.

The trailer begins with Jin Jung looking willful and determined as he explains, “Do you know what I have learned while working in this field? If I’m going to catch people like you, I have to be more angry and hit the back of the head even more. Before attacking a group of criminals, he brazenly asks, “Who’s first?”

Distrusting Jin Jung’s methods, Shin Ah Ra asks, “How did someone like you become a prosecutor?” He is the only one who does not show up in formal robes on the day of the prosecutor’s inauguration ceremony, and as if answering Shin Ah Ra’s question, Jin Jung confidently comments, “Is there anything special about it? It’s just talent and destiny. “

Jin Jung moves forward with his crazy tactics as he hangs someone from a balcony and hits others with a stick. She explains: “I don’t think bad people are human. Let’s go! To catch the bad guys ”and then in an amazing way she confronts Oh Do Hwan.

Watch the full trailer below!

Producers split: “The second trailer perfectly captures the never-before-seen images of the new, refreshing, stocky hero Jin Jung, as well as Shin Ah Ra and Oh Do Hwan. Please confirm the acting transformations of Do Kyung Soo [D.O.]Lee Se Hee and Ha Joon, their unique acting chemistry, and lots of fun stuff to see on the Bad Prosecutor show.

The premiere of “Bad Prosecutor” KBS on October 5 at 21:50 KST! Check out another trailer here!

Meanwhile, watch Lee Se Hee in “Kiss Goblin” with English subtitles below:

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