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Watch: Han Ji Hyun is an aspiring cheerleader caught between Bae w Hyuk and Kim Hyun Jin in a new drama trailer

SBS has unveiled a new preview of the upcoming drama “Cheer Up”!

Cheer Up is a mysterious new campus romantic comedy about the university’s cheerleading squad, whose glory days are long gone and are now on the verge of falling apart. Han Ji Hyun will star as Do Hae Yi, a rookie member of Theia cheerleading squad at Yonhee University who has a cheerful personality despite the tough conditions at home.

Bae In Hyuk will play the often misunderstood captain of Thei, Park Jung Woo, who is a romantic, and Jang Gyuri will play the cool and feisty lieutenant Tae Cho Hee. Kim Hyun Jin will play Jin Seon Ho, a wealthy and handsome student who has always followed the elite path in life, and Lee Eun Saem will play Han Ji Hyun’s best friend, Joo Sun Ja.

In the newly released trailer for Do Hae Yi, she is increasingly drawn to Park Jung Woo after joining Theia as a new member. However, Jin Seon Ho surprises her by confessing, “You know why I joined the cheerleading team? You.”

Amidst the glimpses of team life, Do Hae Yi matures into a full-fledged member of Theia and soon discovers there is something electrifying about cheering on stage. The clip ends with her shouting, “Thrill … there really is something like that!”

The premiere of “Cheer Up” will take place on October 3 at 10:00 PM KST. In the meantime, check out the new trailer below!

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