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Watch: Idol Survival Show ‘Peak Time’ Reveals Ultimate Joint Battle Winners + Current Rankings

Watch: Idol Survival Show ‘Peak Time’ Reveals Ultimate Joint Battle Winners + Current Rankings

JTBC’s “Peak Time” ended the battle for cooperation and the first round of voting!

“Peak Time” is a new idol survival show where teams compete for the chance to become the next “world idol group”. Unlike other audition programs, its contestants consist entirely of male idols who have already debuted, whether they are currently active or part of a disbanded group, and compete “anonymously” under temporary group names that correspond to different times of the day .

In addition to MC Lee Seung Gi, the survival show boasts an all-star panel of judges including Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany, MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul, Highlight’s Jay Park, Highlight’s Lee Gikwang, and INFINITE’s Kim Sungkyu.

Last week, participants began a battle of cooperation by forming alliances of 4 teams before each alliance split into vocal, rap, and dance units. (Each vocal unit was limited to six members, and each rap unit was limited to five members, with no member limit for dance units.)

The four alliances per round were as follows:

A: Teams 2am (NTX), 5am (ATBO), 9am (BLITZERS), 6pm (BDC)

B: Teams 8:00 (DKB), 20:00 (MONT), 21:00 (24K), 23:00 (DGNA)

C: Teams 11am (VANNER), 1pm (BAE173), 3pm (BLK), 12pm (solo players)

D: Teams 1am (DIGNITY), 4am (BXB), 7am (MASC), 2pm (GHOST9)

Last week’s episode featured the rap unit battle and the first performance of the vocal unit battle (by Alliance C vocal unit), and the March 15 episode featured the rest of the unit performances.

Check out the performances of the other three vocal units below!

Vocal War

Vocal unit: “Time of Our Life” by DAY6

Vocal unit B: “Behind You” by Park Jin Young

Vocal Unit D: “My Sea” IU


After all the judges’ points for each performance were tallied, the final rankings for the Vocal Battle were as follows:

1st Winner: Vocal Unit D (767 pts)
2. C vocal unit (719 points)
3. Vocal Unit B (709 points)
4. Vocal unit (692 points)

The show then moved on to dance performances, which you can watch below!

Dance Battle

Dance Unit B: “Bang!” AJR

Dance unit: “Gimme Gimme” by Johnny Stimson

Dance Unit C: “Bad” by Christopher

Dance Unit D: “Power” Little Mix

The dance battle was almost too close to be decided, with only 14 points between the first place finisher and the last one.

1. Winner: Dance Team C (789 pts)
2. Dance Unit B (780 pts)
3. Dance Unit D (779 pts)
4. Dance Unit (773 points)

Finally, the episode concluded with the revealing of the current rankings for the first round of global voting, which ended on March 16 at 00:30 KST. The final results of the first vote will be revealed in an episode next week.

The current rankings (as of March 4 at 5 p.m. KST) are as follows:

  1. Team 11:00 (WATER)
  2. Team 23:00 (DGNA)
  3. Team 7:00 (MASC)
  4. Team 20:00 (MONT)
  5. Team 24:00 (solo players)
  6. Team 1:00 PM (BAE173)
  7. Team 8:00 (DKB)
  8. Team 2:00 (NTX)
  9. Team 14:00 (GHOST9)
  10. Team 6:00 PM (BDC)
  11. Team 21:00 (24K)
  12. Team 15:00 (BLK)
  13. Team 1:00 (Dignity)
  14. Team 5:00 (ATBO)
  15. Team 4:00 (BXB)
  16. Team 9:00 (BLITZERS)

Which collaboration battle appearances were your favourites? Let us know in the comments!

Watch the full episode of “Peak Time” subtitled below:

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