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Watch: Im Joo Hwan and Lee Ha Na are determined to make their kiss scene right for ‘Three Bold Siblings’

A new behind-the-scenes video of Episodes 13-16 of “Three Bold Siblings” is now available!

“Three Bold Siblings” is a KBS romance starring Im Joo Hwan as Lee Sang Joon, an A-list actor who is the eldest son of his family. When she has an unexpected accident while filming a movie, she reunites with Kim Tae Joo (Lee Ha Na), her first love from elementary school, who is also the eldest of her siblings and grew up sacrificing everything for her family.

The climax of the film was the kissing scene between Im Joo Hwan and Lee Ha Na. While the scene itself certainly evoked all sorts of emotions in viewers, the moments before shooting this particular shot were a bit unexpected. To make sure the scene turned out the way he envisioned it, the director took the initiative to show the two actors exactly how he wanted things to play out, not hesitating to take Lee Ha Na’s place and get close to him. I am Joo Hwan. The actor couldn’t help but be nervous and leaned back laughing while the director just continued with his explanation.

Another incident that will make viewers laugh was during the wedding scene of Lee Sang Min (Moon Ye Won). In one scene, Moon Ye Won runs past Yang Dae Hyuk and knocks him to the ground along with his phone. However, during the filming itself, her dress somehow picked up his phone on the way and carried him on the right track, leaving Yang Dae Hyuk quite confused.

Kim So Eun was also very excited to check out Yang Dae Hyuk’s shoulder in their scene together, though the two certainly showed off their great true friendship once the cameras stopped rolling.

Watch all the fun-filled moments in the full video below!

“Three Bold Siblings” airs Saturdays and Sundays at 7:55 p.m. KST.

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