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Watch: Lee Ha Na and Im Joo Hwan are stubborn older siblings who subtly express their love in the trailers of “Three Bold Siblings”

Three Bold Siblings dropped realistic new trailers!

Upcoming weekend KBS2 “Three Bold Siblings” is a romantic drama starring Im Joo Hwan as Lee Sang Joon, a top actor who is the eldest son of his family. When she has an unexpected accident while filming, she meets Kim Tae Joo (Lee Ha Na), her first primary school love, who is also the eldest of her siblings and has grown up sacrificing everything for her family.

Kim So Eun will also star in the drama as Kim So Rim, the middle child of the Kim family and the younger sister of Kim Tae Joo, and Lee Yoo Jin will play their younger brother Kim Geon Woo.

The first trailer is made from the point of view of Kim So Rim lying in bed. Kim Tae Joo bursts into her room saying, “Hey Kim So Rim. Let’s talk. “In response to her sister’s confusion, Kim Tae Joo asks,” Have you seen the ghost? I just came to borrow a hair elastic. Give me some elastic hair.

Kim Tae Joo continues, “You know how hard it was for me to get it [house], law? Have you ever paid off the interest on your loan? ” She is cut off and replies, “What? Are you in the business of cooking and cleaning? In disbelief, she receives a phone call from their brother Geon Woo and says to him, “Am I going to So Rim’s engagement meeting? Of course, I’m just going to eat.

Before she leaves Kim So Rim’s room, Kim Tae Joo suddenly turns around and tells her, “Hey, I made you a meal, so eat before you leave. Don’t skip this when saying you are on a diet. Mom’s mad at me.

In the Im Joo Hwan trailer, Lee Sang Joon sits to be interviewed for the drama “What’s wrong with the young master?” when he answers the phone. He shocks the interviewer and the co-star by shouting, “Right now ?!” When he was told that he should attend an event for his little sister Sang Min (Moon Ye Won), he continued, “Why do I have to go to the boyfriend Sang Min’s 60th birthday party?” Gritting his teeth, Lee Sang Joon adds, “Why do I have to be an MC for my little sister’s boyfriend’s parents?”

Forcing a smile, Lee Sang Joon explains stiffly: “I mean … what do I have in common as the eldest son and pillar of the family with this family’s 60th birthday party?” Eventually, she is able to negotiate, offering to cover the cost of the party, and goes back for an interview.

Immediately after the interviewer Lee Sang Joon receives another call. Then he shoots up and screams, “What ?! Our youngest is in the hospital? When? WHY ?! “when he leaves the studio.

The producers of “Three Bold Siblings” explained: “With these trailers, we tried to approach potential viewers with a friendly image. We achieved an excellent result because actors Lee Ha Na and Im Joo Hwan presented their eldest siblings Kim Tae Joo and Lee Sang Joon well. ”

The premiere of “Three Bold Siblings” is on September 24, and you can watch the next teaser here!

While awaiting release watch Im Joo Hwan in “The Game: Towards Zero” below:

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