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Watch: NCT 127 is amazed at MV’s own “2 Baddies” in a hilarious reaction video

NCT 127 has released a fun music video where they react to their own music video “2 Baddies”!

On September 18, NCT 127 released the official music video for “2 Baddies”, the title track from their new album of the same name. The clip starts with Johnny and Doyoung making it clear that this is actually their first time watching a music video.

Throughout the video, members of NCT 127 cheer on their bandmates and express their amazement at how the video turned out. They also can’t help but rejoice at how adorable Mark and Taeyong look as they dance on the rap duo stage at the very end of the music video, and Mark even gets up to do an encore when they finish watching.

Taeyong continues: “Honestly, when we shot this music video, there was a lot of heavy rain, so [a lot of shoots] have been canceled and postponed. In a way, we’ve been working on this for a long time. But I think that’s why the result turned out to be even better. So I want to thank you [to all the staff] for your hard work. “

Check out NCT 127’s full response to the “2 Baddies” music video with English subtitles below!

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