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Watch: Ra Mi Ran, Kim Moo Yeol, Yoon Doojoon, and more. Experience a variety of obstacles in the trailers for the characters “Honest Candidate 2”

Detailed previews of new characters are now available in the sequel to Honest Candidate 2!

The first film is about Joo Sang Sook (Ra Mi Ran), a member of the National Assembly who suddenly cannot lie just before a new round of elections, even though her entire political career has been based on lies.

In Honest Candidate 2, Ra Mi Ran will reprise his role as Joo Sang Sook, who is now an unemployed former member of the National Assembly. She will be joined by Kim Moo Yeol as her trusted advisor to Park Hui Cheol and Yoon Kyung Ho as her immature husband Bong Man Shik. Highlight’s Seo Hyun Woo, Park Jin Joo and Yoon Doojoon from Highlight join the cast.

New posters showcase each character’s personal color as they appear on the screen. The poster for Joo Sang Sook and Hui Cheol Park has matching poses as they look shocked with their hands covered their mouths. Joo Sang Sook’s signature reads, “Why do I like it again, meeting again is around the corner …” while Park Hui Cheol says, “I think my words are coming out like poop.”

Bong Man Shik tries to recreate the famous painting The Scream as he exclaims, “Now that we’re here together, it’s so hard.” Seo Hyun Woo pretends to be the strict Jo Tae Joo, the neat and sensible director of the Construction and Transportation Department at Gangwon Provincial Office. His poster reads: “I’ve never met anyone like you, Governor.”

Park Jin Joo plays Bong Man Soon, Bong Man Shik’s sister and Joo Sang Sook’s sister-in-law. He rocks an enormous ribbon and glares at everyone as Joo Sang Sook rudely comments, “You’re really broke, aren’t you?” You’ve wasted your life. Yoon Doojoon looks distanced in his poster as the young and wealthy CEO of Kang Yeon Joon. Irritated, he asks, “Isn’t it enough that you all have earned money?”

Along with the posters of “Honest Candidate 2”, he presented a new clip that shows the unique chemistry and connections between the characters.

Unlike the first film where Joo Sang Sook and Park Hui Cheol were busy cleaning up their mishaps, the sequel shows their teamwork begins to break down when they lie after a lie.

Then we introduce Bong Man Soon, beloved sister of Bong Man Shik. The two siblings are feeding each other’s inability to read the room when Bong Man Soon exclaims about his brother, “In the past, there was a frenzy about what he looked like Leonardo DiCaprio.” Bong Man Shik reciprocates his love by crying, “If possible, we want to live together forever,” much to his wife Joo Sang Sook’s dismay.

Eventually, Joo Sang Sook and Park Hui Cheol unexpectedly meet and start working with Jo Tae Joo and Kang Yeon Joon. Passionate and hardworking Jo Tae Joo tries to become Joo Sang Sook’s right hand man as he shouts, “Who’s out there except our governor who works like a bull!” On the other hand, Kang Yeon Joon looks like a trusted CEO who is actually a villain plotting something wrong.

Watch the full character introductory clip below!

The sequel to “Honest Candidate” will hit theaters on September 28! Watch the trailer here.

Watch Kim Moo Yeol’s “The Intruder” video below:

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