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Watch: Son Suk Ku is a policeman sent to where Choi Min Sik is king of casinos in the “Casino” trailer

The trailer for the game “Casino” has been released!

The upcoming Disney + original series “Casino” tells the story of one man who becomes king of the casino after many twists and turns. After a series of incidents, he loses everything but returns to the game of survival and life at stake. Choi Min Sik, who has captivated audiences around the world with numerous projects such as “Oldboy”, “I Saw the Devil”, “New World”, “Roaring Currents” and more, will star in his first drama in 26 years. Son Suk Ku recently made an impression on “My Liberation Notes” and previously starred in “Nothing Serious”, “Melo Is My Nature”, “DP” and others.

In the trailer against the backdrop of the Philippines, Cha Mu Sik (Choi Min Sik) appears, who has an overwhelming charisma. The two men talk to each other about Cha Mu Sik, asking, “Is Cha Mu Sik a gangster?” When the other replies, “No,” the man again asks, “Then why are the gangsters visiting him?” He replies: “Because it is at the national level.” Male dialogue hints at Cha Mu Sik’s influence and power, which raises expectations for a tense storyline to unfold.

The clip below tells the story of Cha Mu Sik at a young age and foreshadows his remarkable qualities. The listener reacts upon hearing Cha Mu Sik’s story by saying, “Can’t [his life like] movie or something?

Cha Mu Sik states: “We earned 70 billion won (approximately $ 50.3 million) in 10 years and we got closer to all the politicians in the Philippines. How do you think we did it? foreshadowing his great success in the Philippines.

The clip later shows a glimpse of Oh Seung Hoon (Son Suk Ku), a policeman dispatched as his companion shares “Welcome to the Philippines.” This increases the curiosity of what will happen between the characters in the drama.

Watch the full trailer here!

“Casino” will have its premiere in November.

In the meantime, check out Son Suk Ku in “The Roundup” below:

Watch now

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