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Watch: Students take on extraterrestrial forces in the action-packed ‘Duty After School’ trailer.

Watch: Students take on extraterrestrial forces in the action-packed ‘Duty After School’ trailer.

An intense trailer for “Duty After School” has been released!

The upcoming sci-fi drama, based on the hit online tool, tells the story of high school students who are called upon to join the world’s first war against extraterrestrial forces. When mysterious alien spheres begin to invade the world, the Department of Defense offers college admissions incentives to encourage students to enroll in the reserve forces, and they soon become front-line combatants.

The main trailer starts by showing the high school students of Sungjin High School living their ordinary lives before disaster strikes. Jang Young Hoon (Noh Jong Hyun) is asked to share what he wants to say to his family and friends, and teacher Park Eun Young (Im Se Mi) tells her students: [for college] will be canceled this year,” indicating a major change in their lives.

Students are then shown with military training consent forms, and the incentive of extra credits for the college entrance exam is what ultimately pushes most of them to start the challenge. Before they know it, military training turns into a real war due to an attack by extraterrestrial forces.

Lee Chun Ho (Shin Hyun Soo) commands a platoon as a member of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, ordering the students, “You must stay alive to the end,” and the student asks, “Can we stay alive?”

Watch the full trailer below:

“Duty After School” is set to premiere on March 31 and will be available on Viki.

While you wait, watch Im Se Mi in “True Beauty”:

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And Shin Hyun Soo in “Twelve Nights” below:

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