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Watch: The players of the “Second World” pair up in the fight of units + results of round 2 revealed

The participants of the “Second World” faced off in an intense battle of units!

JTBC’s The Second World features eight talented rappers from a group of girls who clash in a singing competition to break the prejudice that rappers lack vocal talent. Participants include Yubin, ex-Wonder Girls, Shin Jimin, ex-AOA, Moonbyul from MAMAMOO, Mimi from Oh My Girl, Exy from WJSN, JooE from MOMOLAND, Moon Sua from Billlie, and Kim Seonyou from CLASS: y.

The program is hosted by Paul Kim, and the judging panel known as “Voice Readers” includes Kim Bum Soo, Jung Yup, Apink’s Jung Eun Ji, BTOB’s Eunkwang, and MeloMance’s Kim Min Seok.

During the “Second World” broadcast on September 20, eight players teamed up to complete their Round 2 unit mission! The couples are Mimi and Kim Seonyou, JooE and Moon Sua, Moonbyul and Exy, and Yubin and Shin Jimin.

As in round 1, this unit round continued with teams choosing who they wanted to face. Team in Round 2 combined scores from voice and global readers. The final rankings announced at the end of the episode linked each rider’s Round 1 performance to their team’s Round 2 score.


Team Mimi and Kim Seonyou Meow took part in the first battle against Team Moonbyul and Exy SQS. Meow chose Lee Hi’s “Savior” as the song that made them both shine, regardless of age. To express their honesty, the couple wrote their own rap lyrics and decided to perform without a set and no props.

In response, SQS performed “Energetic” Wanna One. Their confident performance started with both ladies on the piano and continued with their powerful and precise choreography.

Ultimately, all voice readers voted for SQS as the winner of the round.

Mimi and Kim Seonyou (Meow) – “Savior” (Lee Hi)

Moonbyul and Exy (SQS) – “Energetic” (Wanna One)


In the second battle, the team JooE and Moon Sua Who X fought the veterans Two Seven with Yubin and Shin Jimin. To underline their unique vocal qualities, the band Who X performed a powerful rock version of Jessi’s What Type of X.

Yubin and Shin Jimin focused on creating a performance they could enjoy, so they decided to sing “Very Good” by Block B, changing the track to add their own sound.

Voice readers picked the band JooE and Moon Su as the winner, helping both stars get five votes after finishing in the top two last week.

JooE and Moon Sua (Who X) – “What Type X” (Jessi)

Yubin and Shin Jimin (two seven) – “Very Good” (Block B)

Moonbyul, Exy, JooE and Moon Sua scored 700 points thanks to their victories in this round. Coupled with fan votes from the “global audience”, Moonbyul and Exy were announced as the final winners of Round 2. The individual cumulative ranking for Round 1 and 2 was as follows:

  1. Moonbyul (2000 points)
  2. Exy (1329 points)
  3. Moon Sua (1104 points)
  4. JooE (875 points)
  5. Mimi (848 points)
  6. Kim Seonyou (743 points)
  7. Shin Jimin (678 points)
  8. Yubin (432 points)

Episode 5 will air on September 27 at 20:50 KST!

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