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WayV Winwin Net Worth 2022: How Rich Is The Rapper “Love Talk”?

WayV Winwin Net Worth 2022: How Rich Is The Rapper “Love Talk”?

Dong Si Cheng is commonly known by the pseudonym Winwin. He is one of the crowd favorite of Chinese boy band NCT, who climbed the walls of popularity by making his debut as lead dancer, singer and sub-rapper on NCT 127, NCT U and WayV.

Winwin was in the spotlight when he appeared in an episode on NCT U’s “Without You. It’s Not Enough Already” On July 10, 2016 Winwin debuted on NCT 127 with his first mini-album, NCT # 127.

Scouted for his martial arts and acrobatic skills, as well as among the eminent dancers and graphic designers at SM Entertainment, Winwin made a name for himself. As his career soars, have you ever wondered how much Winwin made in six years of idolizing?

Be curious as you scroll through this article.

WayV Winwin Net Worth 2022

As reports suggest, Winwin’s net worth is approximately $ 1 to $ 5 million. Moreover, NCT 127 is the richest sub-unit followed by NCT ​​Dream and WayV, according to the fan forum, ranked based on album sales, brand deals and world tours.

(Photo: Twitter || @WayV_official)

However, while Winwin is on a hiatus from NCT 127 but active on WayV, it justifies why the Chinese dancer and rapper has a fairly high net worth. When the media assessed the net worth of NCT 127 members, Winwin secured his fourth position, tied with Taeil, Johnny and Jaehyun.

NCT 127

(Photo: Twitter || SM Entertainment)

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As Winwin practices his acrobatic skills, it’s no surprise that he is one of the most flexible members. But is it the richest in NCT?

Based on up-to-date information on NCT members’ wealth, rapper “Love Talk” may not be the richest, but he is a member with a significantly high net worth due to his activities in South Korea and China.

As NCT has an unlimited number of members, the fact that Winwin is securing its position in the top half of the group shows that its net worth is competitive.

How did Winwin accumulate his net worth?

Winwin’s net worth has amassed between $ 1 million and $ 5 million thanks to his collaborative efforts in the music industry, brand promotion, hospitality on TV shows and, more recently, his drama appearances.

WayV Winwin

(Photo: Twitter || @WayV_official)

Together with Kun, Winwin endorsed the 1946 ice cream brand Zhongjie, while in 2019 Winwin had a solo participation in W. Lab China. Before Winwin began operating in China, he also participated in WayV group commercials for Reebok and Skechers. At the same time, he joined WayV Hendery, Ten and Xiaojun for Cigalong Beauty.

Dear V.

(Photo: Instagram || @wayvofficial)

According to the reviews, an artist who promotes a brand not only benefits its marketing campaigns, but is also an effective way to expand their net worth as ambassadors influence consumer patronage.

One of the reasons Winwin has a significantly high net worth is its stake in NCT 127 and WayV. In 2018, Winwin was involved in the NCT 2018 Empathy project, which broke the record for over 600,000 physical copies of albums sold. He recently joined NCT 2020, whose physical albums RESONANCE Pt. 1 and RESONANS Pt. 2 has sold over 2 million copies.

NCT 2020

(Photo: Twitter || SM Entertainment)

Meanwhile, WayV’s latest mini-album was certified platinum with a circulation of over 250,000 copies. Unfortunately, he was unable to attend NCT 2021 due to his activities in China.

According to reports, SM Entertainment artists receive 5% of revenue from physical album sales, 10% from renewed physical sales, 40% from events and 70% from international promotions. So, if one sees an impressive sales path for the albums of the sub-units Winwin is affiliated with, it confirms why the Chinese member earned such net worth.

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In 2022, Winwin joined NCT’s acting line, playing the role of Situ Weilian in a Chinese drama, Shade.

Another drama Sweet Gamesin which he played the lead role is also due out in 2023.

As Winwin has moved back to South Korea and WayV’s return is just around the corner, Winwin’s net worth is expected to be higher.

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