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WEi Members Reveal Their Favorite Tracks From Latest Mini Album “Love Pt.2: Passion”

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WEigroup of six boys OUI Entertainment, released their latest mini-album “Love Pt.2: Passion” in October 2022, amid high expectations from K-Pop fans. Celebrating the second anniversary of their debut later this month, this newcomer sextet shared pure excitement for finally emerging from the pandemic and promoting in front of a live audience for the first time since debut.

In an exclusive interview with koreabooWEi talked about the great achievement “Love Pt.2: Passion” and about their favorites from the important album!

WEi | OUI Entertainment

New, fifth mini-album by Seokhwait meant a lot to the members because it did “First promotion [they] I ever did [the] fans” cheer them on personally.

Seokhwa | OUI Entertainment

[On tour,] we could perform in so many places. Right after that, we started promoting our fifth mini-album. This was the first promotion we ever did in person with our fans to cheer us on, so we tried our best to present and make RUi proud of us.

— Seochwa

Yongha said that producing “Love Pt.2: Passion” was a challenge – in WEi’s attempt “find [their] own color.”

Yongha | OUI Entertainment

Finally, the album was captured “wei’s new site” share with RUi.

To find WEi’s own color, we set ourselves many challenges on this album. Since “Special Holiday” is a cheerful song, singing it made me feel really happy. So the recording went smoothly.

Among our B-side songs, I really like the song “ROSE”! Being a Latin track, it definitely shows our fans a new side to WEi and I hope they enjoy it.

— Yongha

While the joyous “Special Holiday” charmed Yongha’s heart, donghan he found a more comforting song as his favourite.

Donghan | OUI Entertainment

I think “ROSE” was the most exciting and we recorded it really smoothly. Personally, I also love the song “Umbrella”. It’s a song that really comforts you, so I highly recommend it.

— Donghan

For WEi, “Love Pt.2: Passion” became a much-needed opportunity to show off on stage and “to make RUi proud” actually!

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