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“We’re still missing a lot”… BLACKPINK members cried as they revealed their sincere feelings at today’s concert (October 16).

BLACKPINK members expressed their sincerity to fans ahead of their full-fledged world tour.

The girls’ group BLACKPINK (Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa) organized the “BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR” [BORN PINK] SEOUL ”at KSPO DOME in Songpa-gu in Seoul at 17:00 on October 16 and met the fans. After Day 1 (October 15), Day 2 of the concert was also filled with fans from all over the world.

BLACKPINK kicked off their concert with “How You Like That” and continued with spectacular scenes of “Pretty Savage” and “Whistle” to warm up the atmosphere. After a while, meeting BLACKPINK again, fans greeted the members with enthusiastic shouts and loud cheers.

Later, BLACKPINK lifted the mood by performing a compilation of their representative songs such as “Lovesick Girls”, “Kill This Love”, “Playing With Fire” and new songs from the second full album such as “Shut”. down “and” pink venom. ”

Blackpink Seoul concert

With fascinating scenes for over two hours, the members spent time sharing their honest thoughts before the final show. First of all, Jisoo said: “Normally I am rarely nervous, but now I am very nervous. As the shows in Seoul mark the beginning of our world tour, I felt that in my hometown I had to do it properly. I wanted to do well “, addition “I showed my cool look even when I was very nervous yesterday. Today I tried to control my mind so that BLINKS could enjoy their performances more. Hope everyone is having a good time. “

Lisa shared, “Yesterday I talked a little too long and that touched me. So today I’ll cut it short. Thank you to all the staff for creating these nice and cool scenes. “ She continued “I love my members so much. Even though you were so busy, you got sick and you couldn’t even sleep well, I am very grateful and proud of all of you for a good ending to our concert. And to our BLINKOMs who created this lovely pink ocean for us, thank you for continuing to support us and I love you. Let’s be together for a long time. “

Blackpink Seoul concert

Jennie said: “We will have to finish today’s concert in Seoul, but I still feel like I will do it tomorrow, and even the day after tomorrow. My body has just warmed up but it’s a shame we have to end up here “addition “BLINKi, thank you very much for so much support during these two days. I feel like I’ve been running day and night for about three months to get ready for this concert. I really want to say that all the staff and dancers have worked very hard during this tour. We will end our tour and be back. You have to come and see us again when we come back. Thank you very much”. She added “I feel like I need to say more because I don’t want it to end. What I should do now?”Expressing their regrets.

BLACKPINK concert in Seoul

Finally, Rosé said: “Like Jennie Unnie said, we wanted to do so many things that I think we need to play shows five more times to show you all of them. It’s been a long time since our last concert. I’m a bit sad that it has to end too soon“, Conveying overwhelming feelings to her.

She continued, “When we were taking a break from performing, I realized it was so much fun and that I really enjoyed performing as BLACKPINK. So I had high expectations for this concert and I prepared it with excitement, but I feel that we are still missing it. Thank you for loving and supporting us. And since we’re starting here in our hometown, I think we can do a great world tour with so much support. Thank you so much for coming here today“. As soon as Rosé had finished her words, she was shedding tears.

BLACKPINK concert in Seoul

Meanwhile, after a two-day concert in Seoul, BLACKPINK will begin a world tour to North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. Their tour is expected to attract an estimated 1.5 million viewers, the best record for girls’ K-pop groups. Starting in Dallas October 25 and 26, 14 North America shows, BLACKPINK’s first stop, will be held in a total of 7 cities, including Houston, Atlanta, Hamilton, Chicago, Newark and LA

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