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What exactly are BTS during dance practice, according to choreographer Sienna Lalau

One member is much more relaxed than the others.

Choreographer Sienna Lalau he has worked with artists such as J.Lo, Ciara, Justin Bieberand BTS. She was the creative genius behind BTS ‘ON’s massive and stunning performance, smoothly balancing the band and idols in the performance. The talented choreographer also accompanied BTS on the road and constantly talks about their energy and passion.

In a recent interview, Sienna Lalau opened up about what each BTS member is like while learning and rehearsing dancing.

Sienna Lalau admits that she loves working with BTS because of their talent and work ethic.

I love working with boys. I think they are so talented, so hardworking. They are all very fun in their own way. Honestly, everyone works really hard.

– Sienna Lalau

Sienna in the music video “ON”, to which she choreographed | HYBE / YouTube LABELS

According to Sienna Lalau, Jungkook he is incredibly focused on rehearsals, he does everything in his power to improve the circuit.

You just always see that Jungkook is always exercising.

– Sienna Lalau

Jungkook | KBS Kpop / YouTube

J-Hopeas you know, ARMY is an incredibly passionate and talented dance leader for the group, thanks to which each performance will show all their immeasurable talent.

J-Hope is a really great leader. He’s always likeMake sure you stand on it. Make sure you’re standing here. He is so good. So good.

– Sienna Lalau

J-Hope | KBS Kpop / YouTube

Sienna Lalau has nothing but praise RM, Sugaand Jinimpressed with their commitment to relentless hard work to look their best on stage.

RM, Suga, Jin, I feel they are also very focused and focused, and they always make sure that they look really, really good every time.

– Sienna Lalau

RM | KBS Kpop / YouTube

Suga | KBS Kpop / YouTube

Jin | KBS Kpop / YouTube

Sienna Lalau, on the other hand, describes: V how “always very relaxed”Even though I am always at the top of the choreography and I give my best.

V is always very fun, always very relaxed, but he works really, really hard. I feel like he just knows he has it.

– Sienna Lalau

V | KBS Kpop / YouTube

And she believes that Jimin and Jungkook are very similar in terms of the effort they put into constantly trying and trying to perfect their dance.

Jimin works very, very hard too. I feel like he and Jungkook have the same work ethic.

– Sienna Lalau

Jimin | KBS Kpop / YouTube

But despite the fact that the band members have different rehearsal styles, Sienna Lalau praises their efforts to work together and give the best possible performances.

But everyone is always there. And even if something is wrong with the dance or formation, they always say:Make sure it does and make sure it does. I think everyone is very, very at it. But surely they all have very different personalities.

– Sienna Lalau

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Choreographer Sienna Lalau tells what it’s really like working with BTS and shows their true personalities


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