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Wheein confesses that she is “dissatisfied” with this MAMAMOO member

Wheein confesses that she is “dissatisfied” with this MAMAMOO member

On his latest show, Wheein expresses his “dissatisfaction” with a certain MAMAMOO member.

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MAMAMOO Wheein reveals that she is “dissatisfied” with her friend Hwasa

Recently, on October 18, a video titled “MAMAMOO Hwasa’s universal nails” was posted on the Naver NOW YouTube channel. In this movie, the four members of MAMAMOO, Solar, Wheein, Moonbyul and Hwasa, talk frankly on various topics.

In particular, Wheein hilariously exclaimed Hwasa, shouting, “Ahn Hyejin (Hwasa’s real name) come out!”, As if expressing her dissatisfaction with her MAMAMOO colleague.

As Hwasa settled down, Wheein began to complain about her long fingernails, saying, “Take off your [fake] nails! Fastening is even troublesome [your] pants because of your nails. “

(Photo: Naver NOW via Wikitree)
(left to right) Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein, and Hwasa

Hearing this, the other members just laughed and smiled, sympathetic to what Wheein had just said.

Solar and Moonbyul asked Haswa, “Have you fastened your pants today?” To that end, Wheein playfully gritted her teeth and told the band members that Hwasa had not buttoned her pants by herself.

“Not today, but [before]I had [to button it] for a long time, said Wheein.

Since the members had to help Hwasa with many things because of her long fingernails, Hwasa replied that she thought “this is teamwork.”

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Wheein confesses that she is

(Photo: Naver NOW via Wikitree)

The other members started to protest against the rather confident attitude of Hwasa, and the singers of “Illella” asked the youngest member of the band if they would fasten their pants for them. To this end, Hwasa suggested that she do something else for them using her long nails.

“I’ll do something else instead [for you]. Tell me when your back itches. I’ll collect your nose too [for you]Hwasa said hilariously.

Meanwhile, Hwasa is known for her long nails which she has had for several years. According to Hwasa, her long nails are of special importance to her.

Wheein confesses that she is

(Photo: Naver NOW via Wikitree)

In the past, Hwasa has stated that she plans to keep her nails long even when she grows up. “Even when I grow up, I’ll keep my long nails this way. I will take it to the grave and put it on my tombstone, ”she said.

Regarding the importance of her long nails, Hwasa said, “I’ve been decorating my nails since junior high. My nails are my identity. “

What do you think about Hwasy long nails?

The latest version of MAMAMOO

In other news, MAMAMOO recently returned with their 12th mini-album, Mic On, on October 11th.

Their latest album features a total of three songs, the main single “Illella” and the b-side songs “1, 2, 3 Eoi!” and “LIEC”

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