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Which idol best suits the title of “hot girl” in Korea? People remember THESE Female Stars

Who is the best match for the Korean “Hot Girl” title? In online communities and SNS, K-pop enthusiasts discussed celebrities lining up under this moniker.

(Photo: Jennie, Hyori, Hwasa (Instagram))

Internet users debate whether Lee Hyori and BLACKPINK Jennie best fit the title of “hot girl”

On October 4, an internet user took to theqoo community to express his feelings about the idol that comes to mind when people hear the word “Hot Girl”.

Specifically, “핫걸 (Hot Girl) in Korea refers to a person who is fashionable or popular for being probably sexy and cool. Some of the attributes that “hot girls” have are exceptionally attractive beauty and sex appeal (both in terms of body build). and aura).

The author of the original post then mentioned a former Finn. KL Lee Hyori and BLACKPINK Jennie are the best matching idols for the mentioned title.

As soon as the post was uploaded, it immediately attracted enormous attention of 97.8k. readers and gained divided opinions.

Which idol best suits the title of

(Photo: Lee Hyori (Theqoo))

Which idol best suits the title of

(Photo: Lee Hyori (Theqoo))

In the comment section, many internet users agreed that Lee Hyori is OG Korea’s “hot girl”. When she made her debut in Fin. KL women’s icon immediately caught the attention of Korean industry as the “National Fairy.”

Later, she was loved for her versatile image, fitting both innocent and sexy concepts, but became even more popular with the latter. In fact, even though Hyori is now in her forties, the beauty of the first generation idol still shines among the stars of the fourth generation.

Some of the comments say:

  • “As soon as I saw the title of the article, I thought about Lee Hyori.”
  • “Lee Hyori are sitting.”
  • “When I saw the title I wonder who it will be, but the moment I saw the picture of Lee Hyori it was over.”

Which idol best suits the title of

(Photo: Jennie (Theqoo))

Which idol best suits the title of

(Photo: Jennie (Theqoo))

Meanwhile, some believe that Jennie does indeed fit the title, which has a feline beauty and an elegant yet sexy appeal.

  • “Jennie gives off” Hot Girl “vibes.
  • “Hyori is more like an all-time classic. Is it Jennie at this point?”
  • “I came thinking of Jennie, but Lee Hyori was sexy in a different way as well.”
  • “Jennie! Because the image of a hot girl is like teenagers to me. Hyori is more like a Diva or a Queen.”

Which idol fits the “hot girl” image other than Lee Hyori and BLACKPINK Jennie? Fan talk

IVE Jang Wonyoung

(Photo: Osen)
IVE Jang Wonyoung

ITZY Yuna posts on the official ITZY Instagram

(Photo: ITZY Instagram)

As the question was circulating in the K-pop community, Korean fans also voiced their thoughts and personally picked the idols they felt deserved the title.

While they are still young, some believe that IVE Jang Wonyoung, aespa Karina and ITZY Yuna are potential successors to the title. Others were then questioned, while HyunA is not on the list when she is the original “Sexy Queen”.

HyunA Nabilera

(Photo: Instagram: @hyunah_aa)


(Photo: My Mint)

Meanwhile, foreign fans also shared their feelings and pointed out that MAMAMOO Hwas should not be missing when talking about hot girls.

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Written by Eunice Dawson.


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