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Who is Jonathan? BTS RM’s birthday entry explained

Who is Jonathan?

BTS managers | BIG MUSIC

BTS‘s RM celebrated its 28th birthday on September 12th.

BIG MUSIC shared a post with 20 photos of RM from last year in honor of his special day. The caption contained many references and internal jokes that only ARMY would understand, such as the Namjooning-themed emoji.

[#RMHBD]Jonathan arrives in the world of golden … # RM #KimNamJoon #SEXYNAMJOON #Joontriever #OurNamJoonIsABigDogIndeed

– @ bts_bighit / Twitter

However, the text contained more than one reference, which might confuse some. “Jonathan arrives in the world of golden” refers to the iconic scene from K-Drama Heirs.

Kang Ha Neul in “The Heirs”.

But who is this Jonathan?

It’s RM!

Jonathan is an inside joke in a fandom that was made during GRAMMY 2020 Awards (also known as 62nd GRAMMY Awards). This year, BTS has joined Lil Nas X for the performance of “Old Town Road”.

BTS and Lil Nas X at “GRAMMY 2020”. | ABC

When locals (non-fans) saw RM and were curious about his identity, ARMYs replied “Jonathan,” trying to keep the gate, fearing that when purchasing concert tickets they would have more people to deal with.

This wouldn’t be the first year BIGHIT MUSIC has referenced this joke on RM’s birthday. Last year, one of the hashtags was #SexyGuyKimJonathan.

We can definitely understand why everyone was curious who the leader of BTS was WE PLAY 2022. Even his colleagues agreed that he was “Hot guy then.”

V (left) and RM (right).

Suga (top) and RM (bottom).

RM, Kim Namjoon, Jonathan… He has many characters and they are all hot AF.


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