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Who they are? Here are the viral TXT moments from the AMA

TXT was recently present at the American Music Awards 2022 and made a splash with both fans and viewers for the first time! Here are some moments from the AMA that made TXT go viral.

1. A guy carrying a purse

On the AMA red carpet, Huening Kai he was wearing a shoulder bag, which became one of the highlights of his evening look. A tweet from someone who now knows TXT went viral because he asked, “Someone in this fandom will tell me who’s holding the purse!” TXT fans flooded the replies to this tweet with information about Huening Kai!


2. Soobin and Lexi Rivera

Soobin was spotted in an Instagram story by popular Instagram influencer Lexi Rivera at an AMA! This moment went viral as it surprised the crowds of fans!

TXT Soobin | @lexibrookeriver/ Instagram

3. All cameras on TXT

Fans were quick to notice during the AMA broadcast, many audience cuts included TXT. The camera seemed to love them! Tweet saying “The cameras are focused on them!” with the attached video of the clip from the AMA went viral.

4. Yeonjun’s viral photo

Zoomed in photo from the AMA Red Carpet Feature Yeonjun looking at the camera went viral among fans. He got 55,000 likes in one day, so fans clearly loved Yeonjun’s red carpet look!

Yeonjun from TXT | @meows/Twitter

5. Soobin sees his idol perform

As TXT fans already know, Soobin is a big fan of singer Bebe Rexha. They have tweeted back and forth in the past and fans love their sweet interactions! Bebe Rexha performed at the AMA, luckily for Soobin, and he tweeted about his delight at watching her perform live. The moment went viral among TXT fans as everyone is rooting for Soobin on his path to becoming a successful fanboy!


Although the paid ones did not get the opportunity to meet in person this time due to scheduling conflicts, everyone was hoping to meet again in the future!



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