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Why has Lee Seung Gi been silent for 18 years? Allusions to the “slave contract” appear in his earlier remarks

Why was Lee Seung Gi silent until the situation reached this point?

While Lee Seung Gi’s earlier remarks such as “I don’t know how much they pay me” and “There are still people who treat me like a high school student”, the controversy over his “slave contract theory” it intensifies.

On November 21, the general manager of Lee Seung Gi’s Hook Entertainment agency, Kwon Jin Young, said in an official statement: “It is our duty to confirm in detail the facts of the story that are currently being reported in the media and floating in the public eye. However, as mentioned in the previous press release, we ask for your understanding once again that we are in the process of clarifying the facts and there is the possibility of legal action in the future, so we refrain from expressing our position.”

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From reports that Lee Seung Gi has not received any money for his music releases for 18 years, the spotlight is on why he remained silent for the past 18 years before sending Hook Entertainment a certificate of content despite being a top star.

As such, there is also an analysis that Lee Seung Gi’s remarks made in the past about variety shows have already given clues for interpretation.

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On last year’s JTBC’s Knowing Bros, Lee Seung Gi was asked “Since Sing Again went well, will you get more if season 2 is produced?” and his response was: “I don’t know how much I’m getting for Sing Again.

Was Lee Seung Gi bad at numbers? Or was he forced to keep quiet even though he knew?

Lee seung gi knowing the brothers

On a related variety show, Lee Seung Gi told expert Kim Chang Ok: “I also find it difficult to communicate in a relationship. I grew up and reached a certain age, but some seniors and adults still treat me like a high school student. There were times when it was difficult for me to communicate. But I couldn’t say, “I’m not Lee Seung Gi in the past.”

Since Lee Seung Gi made his debut at a very young age and continued the relationship he had established at the time, it was not easy to make the change. In other words, Lee Seung Gi, who felt the need to change in a different situation, could make it difficult for a third party to understand.

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Meanwhile, colleagues also testified and expressed sympathy for Lee Seung Gi’s delicate feelings. On November 21, guitarist Lee Byung Ho, who is a member of Captain Planet’s production team, said on his SNS: “After reading the articles about Seung Gi today, I felt bad all day. I was amazed to think of what Seung Gi went through.

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Lee Seung Gi

Revealing that he has also not received production fees, Lee Byung Ho said: “I participated in the production of Lee Seung Gi’s sixth album, and I also had difficulties because I didn’t get paid for my work. But I didn’t want to talk about it because I really like Seung Gi. When I heard that Seung Gi was hurt and cried a lot when he found out about this problem, I carefully considered whether I should say it or not.” At the end he said“Many things have happened in the last 18 years and I don’t want Seung Gi to suffer because of this or suffer more unfair things. I will always support and pray for the great artist Lee Seung Gi as another music producer.”

source: daum.


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