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“Will you appear in “The Glory” Part 3?”…Lee Do Hyun “No comment”

“Will you appear in “The Glory” Part 3?”…Lee Do Hyun “No comment”

On March 18, a video of Lee Do Hyun’s interview was uploaded to the YouTube channel of Cosmopolitan Korea magazine.

In the video, Lee Do Hyun was asked, “Which character has shown satisfactory styling from the roles you have played so far?

Lee Do Hyun said:Hotel del Luna is a historical drama and I was wearing a traditional hanbok. Wearing it every day is not easy. Wasn’t this charm unique?

Lee Do Hyun added:I think it would be nice to have one or two modernized hanboks to wear in the summer.

He then received the questionWhat is the best scene and best line of Joo Yeo Jeong (played by Lee Do Hyun) in “The Glory”?“.

Lee Do Hyun replied:Actually, I think the best line is “I’ll be your executioner”. I remember that line was the hardest and that scene was like a big mountain to me.

Then Lee Do Hyun asked the editor, “To be honest, I haven’t watched part 2 yet. What are the famous scenes?

Lee Do Hyun

The editor mentioned a scene where Joo Yeo Jeong bumps into Kang Yeong Cheon (played by Lee Moo Saeng) in his doctor’s coat.

Lee Do Hyun said:This scene was really funny. Yeong Cheon completely changed his makeup. He had previously filmed another job with me.

He shared, “He looked like he had been beaten up by someone. It was so bad. Then it helped me a little more in acting.

The editor said:My mom thinks you’ll be back.

Lee Do Hyun replied:You mean part 3? It would be good to appear in part 3. I will not comment.

Meanwhile, The Glory follows a desperate plan for revenge devised by a woman whose soul was broken by her childhood school violence. Part 1 (8 episodes) was released last December and Part 2 (8 episodes) was released on March 10.

source: Nate


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