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With the debut of underage K-pop idols, warnings about older men in the industry are back from more seasoned idols

The entertainment industry can be dangerous.

While K-Pop idols debuting under the age of 18 are nothing new, the influx of girly groups debuting recently with members as young as 14 has been controversial for many.

New JeansHyein and Lodgement‘s Haeun they are the two youngest idols in the industry at 14, while others like a few With class members, IVE‘s Leeseoand SSERAPHIM‘s Eunchae are only 15 years old.

Hyein (NewJeans) | SBS

The entertainment industry can be really dangerous for young women, especially those who are underage, and based on recent advice from older idols, the K-Pop industry is not that different.

In the 2016 episode MBC music‘s 360 star showmembers SISTAR I met young idols IOI and gave young idols advice about older men in the industry who might not mean well.

Men. Watch out for the men. When you are a newbie, seniors will not leave you alone, but not all seniors are nice people. Become a hermit. Just stay home and don’t hang out with guys.

– SISTAR (360 star show)

Soyou (formerly SISTAR) | Radio star

SISTAR members were the only ones talking about the potential predatory behavior of male seniors. Ex Hello Venus member Nara she also once spoke about how her label showed her a list of dangerous old men to avoid for her safety.

A recent Reddit post discussing these cases has attracted a lot of attention, and many fans have expressed outrage or concern about young idols who might be exposed to these kinds of men.

We sincerely hope that young women who embark on their K-Pop careers with enthusiasm are cared for and do not experience being abused.


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