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Won Ji An and Nam Tae Hoon’s relationship undergoes subtle changes as they enjoy a date in a movie in “If You Wish Upon Me”

Won Ji An and Nam Tae Hoon’s relationship will begin to bloom in the next episode, “If You Wish Upon Me”!

KBS’s If You Wish Upon Me is a drama inspired by a real organization in the Netherlands that fulfills the wishes of incurable cancer patients. Ji Chang Wook stars as Yoon Gyeo Re, a man who has been pushed to the limit by a hard, struggling life. However, when he has to volunteer at a hospice, his life changes in unexpected ways while helping to fulfill patients’ wishes.

Won Ji An is played by Ha Jun Kyung, the human embodiment of a black swan who is obsessed with Yoon Gyeo Re after extending a helping hand to her for the first time in his life.

Before that, Yoon Gyeo Re had chosen to be with Seo Yeon Joo (Sooyoung of the girls’ tribe) over Ha Jun Kyung, leaving her in deep despair and trying to take her own life by jumping from the building. When Ha Jun Kyung is taken to the hospital for serious injuries, Jang Seok Joon (Nam Tae Hoon) sweetly devotes himself to protecting her and becoming her protector.

In the new teaser for episode 11, Jang Seok Joon and Ha Jun Kyung get closer to each other, spending a lot of time together in the hospital. When Jang Seok Jeon looks at Ha Jun Kyung with an expression he resembles, viewers must wonder what kind of conversation they are having.

They both go out on a date for a movie later, but Jang Seok Joon looks too nervous to have fun. After she has always lived in a state of despair, Ha Jun Kyung now looks more relaxed, which raises questions as to whether she has experienced a change of heart. Although she has always only looked at Yoon Gyeo Re, Ha Jun Kyung also beams brightly at Jang Seok Joon, suggesting the couple’s exciting development!

According to the producers of “If You Wish Upon Me”, Ha Jun Kyung will begin to provoke the feelings of Jang Seok Joon, and their relationship with a subtle transformation. Additionally, Jang Seok Joon will shed tears on their cinematic date due to Ha Jun Kyung’s deep and meaningful comment making people impatient with what is to come in the upcoming broadcast!

This episode of If You Wish Upon Me airs on September 14 at 9:50 pm KST!

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