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Xdinary Heroes announces fandom name – why are there mixed reactions?

Rock band JYP Entertainment Xdinary Heroes has finally announced their official fandom name. Unfortunately, not everyone is satisfied. Why is he receiving hatred?

Xdinary Heroes announces the fandom name, meaning

On September 15, Xdinary Heroes, rock band STUDIO J (a sub-label of JYP Entertainment), announced their fandom name on their official Twitter account.

In the poster, the agency confirmed that fans of the singers of “Test Me” will now be called Villains.

(Photo: Xdinary Heroes Fandom Name (Twitter))

It also gives the meaning of the Xdinary Heroes fandom name, explaining:

“Without villains, this means heroes won’t exist either. It is a symbiotic relationship that is indispensable to each other. Xdinary’s heroes need their villains to exist. “

While the word “villain” is commonly used to describe someone bad, and is often eradicated, Xdinary Heroes insists that their existence depends on their fans. And just like the villains, fans will always be with the group on whatever path they take.

The band’s official account also reported voting results showing that “The Villains” won 33.2% of the vote. He beat other options including Xynergy (25.9%), piXels (19.9%), Xer (9.1%), “♭” [flat] (6.3%) and ♭ increased (5.6%).

JYP's Xdinary Heroes Announces Fandom Name - Why Did It Get Mixed Feedback?

(Image: Xdinart Heroes Fandom Voting Result on Name (Twitter))

The name of the Xdinary Heroes fandom Villains It earns mixed reactions

Immediately after the official announcement of many fans who now call themselves Villains they expressed their delight and were touched by the meaning. They are happy that Xdinary Heroes now has an exclusive name just for them, strengthening their bond.

However, some fans are dissatisfied with the name. This is because the very word “Villain” is antagonistic. They believe that not only does this name sound unflattering, it does not fit the fandom that actually supports the group wholeheartedly.

Xdinary's heroes pose to film an entertainment program for fans

(Photo: XH – Twitter)
The heroes of Xdinary

While the meaning of the fandom name is already explained and people understand the logic, even those who aren’t fans wonder if this is really the best option after waiting a year.

In K-pop, the name of the fandom is the identity of fans connecting with their favorite groups; therefore, it often requires a lot and careful consideration from both sides.

Some fans who heard this commented:

  • “Imagine you are a fan called a villain.”
  • “What’s my fandom? I am a villain.
  • “I’m a fan, but there’s no way I can call myself a villain.”

Another reason for disappointing fans is that it goes against the concept of Xdinary Heroes.

JYP's debut song

(Photo: JYP Entertainment Twitter)

The heroes of Xdinary

Xdinary Heroes, consisting of six members, is a k-pop rock band founded by the JYP Entertainment STUDIO J sub-label in December 2021 with the single “Happy Death Day”. Their name is the abbreviated term “Extra Ordinary Heroes”, indicating that “anyone can become a hero.”

Now the fans are called Villainsthey wonder if it still makes sense and some feel like they are excluded.

  • “We should be helpers if they want us to walk side by side with them.”
  • “I just hope the plot is lovers’ enemies.”

JYP's Xdinary Heroes Announces Fandom Name - Why Did It Get Mixed Feedback?

(Photo: Xdinary Heroes Comeback Poster (Twitter))

On the other hand, Xdinary Heroes also announced the release of their second mini-album, Overload, in November.

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