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“Yeon Jin, fuck off…” Photo of Taeyeon’s “resignation letter” caught the attention of netizens

“Yeon Jin, fuck off…” Photo of Taeyeon’s “resignation letter” caught the attention of netizens

On March 13, on her Instagram story, Taeyeon wrote “Kim Tae Yeon” instead of “Park Yeon Jin” in the resignation letter that Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon) submitted to the broadcasting station on “The Glory”. Earlier on March 11, Taeyeon posted a photo of herself copying Park Yeon Jin’s expression, saying, “Yeon Jin, back off.

Netizens who saw the photo of Taeyeon’s resignation letter left comments on Twitter and online communities such as “I think she’s really submerged“, “Looks like Park Yeon Jin“, “I go to work every day like Park Yeon Jin“…

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Meanwhile, Taeyeon plans to release his fifth mini-album in April. He will also take part in a joint concert scheduled for the Philippines on April 11 with aespa, a junior band from the same agency.

In addition, according to SM Entertainment’s “SM 3.0” plan announced in February, Taeyeon will hold a post-Red Velvet concert in the second quarter.

Taeyeon’s last concert in Korea was “The UNSEEN”, which took place in January 2020. If SM Entertainment holds Taeyeon’s concert in the second quarter of 2023, it will be her first concert in Korea after 3 years.

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