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YG girl group BABYMONSTER cover BLACKPINK Rosé’s “Gone”.

YG girl group BABYMONSTER cover BLACKPINK Rosé’s “Gone”.

On March 18, YG Entertainment released a cover video of Rosé’s “Gone”, sung by would-be BABYMONSTER members Ruka, Pharita and Ahyeon.

Ahyeon, who sang the introduction, won the listeners’ ears with her fashionable vocal technique, sensual rhythm and R&B soul. She proved her exceptional stage skills by perfectly digesting the chorus, which required a high level of skill to transition between falsetto and chest voice.

Pharita, who decorated the vocals with Ahyeon, added depth to the song with her dreamy and alluring voice. Her solid vocal skills and delicate interpretation of lyrics that integrate sad emotions left listeners with a deep, lasting impression.

Another highlight of this stage was the rapping of the Japanese Ruka. In particular, Ruka added a new rap verse not found in the original song, raising the atmosphere. Her charming low tone in fast English rap mixed with a sharp sound, arousing admiration.

With the cover of “Gone”, Rosé BABYMONSTER once again proved his worth as an “all-rounder”. People who watch the stage shower the members with praise for filling the space with voices and fantastic harmony, not special effects or flashy styling.

Meanwhile, BABYMONSTER is YG’s upcoming girl group set to debut approximately seven years after BLACKPINK. Potential members of the group are three from Korea (Ahyeon, Haram and Rora), two from Thailand (Pharita and Chiquita) and two from Japan (Ruka and Asa), most of whom are teenagers.

Every Friday, the debut reality show “BABYMONSTER – Last Evaluation” is broadcast to determine the final members.

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