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YG with good results “Shut Down” BLACKPINK, “Our system shines”

The title track from BLACKPINK’s second full album, “Shut Down”, is doing well.

YG Entertainment said on September 20, “The clip with BLACKPINK’s dance performance ‘Shut Down’ has already exceeded 20 million views. It is expected to break another record as it rises similar to the music video of “How You Like That”, which even surpassed the MV’s popularity of the song. “

YG Entertainment continued The “Shut Down” dance performance clip topped the “Most viewed videos in the last 24 hours” ranking on YouTube that day. BLACKPINK is competing with each other as the video of the show overtook the official MV (which came in 3rd place). “

YG Entertainment commented: “Our unique artist-specific self-production system really shines. The most important elements of the choreography that could not be included in the video, the colorful movements and the overflowing charm of the members of the band won the hearts of the fans ”.

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The agency continued “If the music video for the choreography is the culmination of a performance, the music video gets a warm response, capturing Blackpink’s past musical journey. Earth “Whistle”, “Playing with Fire”, the car scene “Kill This Love” and the tank “DDU-DU DDU-DU” etc. representing the hits have been used in the right place. “

YG Entertainment said: “It not only reminds us of the history of BLACKPINK’s development, but also gives a special impression to the fans who have always been by their music” addition“US Billboard has published a special article that describes each item and its meaning.”

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK shows its strong status in various world charts with its second regular album “BORN PINK”. The album topped the iTunes album list in 54 countries, including the US and UK, and topped the Apple Music album list in 64 countries. The title track “Shut Down” made the global charts on day one on Spotify, the world’s largest music streaming platform, and has remained at the top for three consecutive days.

Source: Daum


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