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Yoo Seonho shocks with his current look, which is much different from his “Produce 101” days

He’s only 20!

Produce 101‘s Yoo Seonho he has always been known for his cute and charming image. Of course, since he was only a middle schooler at the time of the show’s broadcast, it’s only natural that he won hearts with his youthful charm.

His nickname was evenlittle chicken,because of how small and cute it was!

But my, how the little chick has grown! We’re not going to call him a rooster or anything, but his image has indeed changed 180. It’s been five years since his season Produce 101 ended and Yoo Seonho is now 20 years old internationally. In a recent photo shoot with DAZEDshowed his mature charms.

With freshly grown hair and a toned physique, he is barely recognizable.

Looks like he’s been going to the gym! Look at these muscles.

It’s hard to draw a relationship between a cute kid and the man he is now.

He looked elegant in a smart shirt and trousers.

His aura completely changed.

Internet users were as surprised as we were by the drastic difference.

Internet users’ reactions to the change. | Nate Mr

  • “It’s amazing that she’s still only 21 (Korean age) when Produce 101 ended ages ago.”
  • “Looks like he’s let his hair grow out Queen’s Umbrella“.
  • “He’s a bit like a Japanese actor.”
  • “Wow, has he grown? He was already tall during Produce, but now he looks more like a model.”

Since then, Yoo Seonho has taken up acting, appearing in productions such as Queen’s Umbrella and My world 17. We can’t wait to see how much more it grows!


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