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Youh Yuh Jung’s past sponsorship remarks are back in the spotlight after Lee Seung Gi’s music income controversy erupted

Amid the conflict over music revenue between Lee Seung Gi and HOOK, comments from HOOK artists Youn Yuh Jung and Lee Sun Hee are being re-examined.

Appearing on “MMTG” in the past, Youn Yuh Jung said: “It’s not like I’m refusing sponsorship, but I’m not getting any offer. Because if old people wear clothes, people won’t buy them saying, “I’m not that old.”adding “So I buy all the clothes and wear them.”

On last year’s JTBC broadcast “Sing Again 2”, Lee Sun Hee said: “I personally like a hoarse voice. I don’t like my voice.”

In response, netizens expressed concern by saying “There’s no way Youn Yuh Jung wouldn’t get any sponsor,” “Lee Sun Hee was also a manager, so she had to trust the company,” “I wonder if they were lit with gas too,” etc.

sing again 2

Earlier on November 21, Dispatch reported that Lee Seung Gi had not received any money from HOOK Entertainment for his music activities in the last 18 years since his debut in 2004. As a result, he sent HOOK a request to disclose his music income Details.

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In response, the agency stated that “We are currently in the process of fact-finding and there is a possibility of legal action in the future, so once again we ask for your understanding that we will refrain from expressing positions.”.

source: wikitree


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